Presentation Competition

Zachary Greenberg- Cayley Graphs of Triangles

Dani Kaufman- ADE Correspondences

Tahseen Rabbani- Error-Correcting Codes: From Mars to International Trade Court

Arghya Sadhukhan- Is e^{\pi*\sqrt 163} Even or Odd? 



Presentation Competition

Patrick Daniels- Tannakian Duality for Permutation Representations

Danul Gunatilleka- 0-1

Jenny Rustad- Billiards, Translation Surfaces, and Teichmuller Flow

Sam Bloom- Elliptic curves, Cryptography, and Lang-Trotter Questions



Presentation Competition:
Ariella Kirsch - Fibonacci Coding
Jeremiah Emidith - Equiangular Lines and Graph Theory
Phillip Wertheimer - Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Cryptography
Alexander Ester - How to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem by Hand


Presentation Competition:
Sean Ballentine - Locally Recoverable Codes
Ran Cui - Spectral Analysis of NBA Data
Micah Goldblum - Baribier's Theorem: A Theorem in Geometric Probability
Pratima Hebbar - Exponential Limit of a Discrete, Scaled Branching Process


Presentation Competition:
Summer (Xia) Hu - Using Stat 100 to Design Your Own Google Translator
Richard Rast - Model Theory and Polynomials
Jenny Rustad - Topological Dynamics and Van der Waerden's Theorem
Alexey Stepanov - Emergence of Patterns in Non-Euclidean Plates: Flowers, Leaves, and Plastic Bags


Presentation Competition:
Matt Begue - Analysis meets Graphs
Jean-Philippe Burelle - Farey Arithmetic and Geometry
Alex Cloninger - Invariant Subspace Perturbation or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Eigenvectors
Mickey Salins - Using Random Functions to Model Deterministic Phenomena


Presentation Competition:
Travis Andrews - Stumbling on Conjectures: Why You Should(n't) Google Things
Tyler Drombosky - Fast Boundary Methods with applications in geophysics
Tim Mercure - How Can the Continuum Hypothesis Possibly be Independent? A Dialogue.
Zsolt Pajor-Gyulai - On Brownian local time


Presentation Competition:
Michael Kreisel - An Introduction to Noncommutative Topology
Scott Schmieding - The Structure of Aperiodic Tilings
David Shaw - Incremental Subspace Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Using Manifold Optimization
Srimathy Srinivasan - Algebraic Geometry in Blu-Ray?

Written Competition:
Alex Cloninger - The Work of Cand’es, Romberg, and Tao in Compressive Sensing

Poster Competition:
Carolina Franco
Karl Schmitt


Presentation Competition:
Madhura Joglekar - A Case of Ever-increasing Toplogical Entropy
Anne Jorstad - Geodesics for Robust Face Recognition
Dave Karpuk -Solutions to Equations over Finite Fields
Guillame Marcais - Jellyfish: A Fast, Lock-free Approach for Efficient Parallel Counting of Occurrences of k-mers

Written Competition:
Dave Shaw - Regularization Techniques for Analyzing Data on a Manifold


Presentation Competition:
Edward Clifford -Shifted increasing tableaux
Will Herring - Applications of operations research models to operating room scheduling
Cecilia Gonzalez Tokman - Finite state Markov chains and metastable systems

Written Competition:
James Tanis – E=mc^2


Presentation Competition:
Ryan Hoban
Matthew Hoffman
Russell Halper
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos

Written Competition:
Fei Xue
Bijan Afsari
Anastasia Voulgaraki


Presentation Competition:
Enrico Au-Yeung - What is the largest disc that can be covered by a random walk in N steps?
Fei Xue - Convergence of iterative solvers in inexact Rayleigh Quotient Iteration
Karl R. B. Schmitt - Chaotic Communication: Crystal Clear and Private
Carter Price - Graph Theory Applications in Kidney Paired Donation

Written Competition:
Ben Lauser - Origin of the Radar Ambiguity Function
Domingo Ruiz - Quaternions and Double Rotations
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos - On the Reflection of a Particle of Small Mass in a Random Force Field

Poster Competition:
Ritaja Sur - Analysis of Eye/Arm Movement Data
J. Scott Olsson - Combining Speech Retrieval Results with Generalized Additive Models
Nate Strawn - A Direct Method for Designing FUNTF's


Presentation Competition:
Bin Cheng - On the Long Time Regularity of the Shallow Water Equations
Fernando Galaz Garcia - Almost Nonpositive Curvature: Decreasing the Diameter Without Increasing the Curvature
J. Scott Olsson - Searching Spoken Documents: Speech Retrieval Systems
Chris Shaw - What Are the Strongest Weakly o-Minimal Structures?

Written Competition:
Juliana Belding - Curves, Cryptography and Primes of the Form x^2 + Dy^2
Matthew Hoffman - Ocean Instabilities Captured by Breeding
Hunter Johnson- VC-dimension and Model Theory
Emily King - The Geometry of Wavelets: Fractal Tilings and Group Representations


Presentation Competition:
David Bourne
Susan Schmoyer
David McClendon
Miguel Pauletti

Written Competition:
Fernando Galaz-Garcia
Chensong Zhang
Jane Holsapple Long
Damon Gulczynski, Jeffrey Heath & Carter Price


Gregory Bard
John Harlim
Suzanne Sindi
Yupei Xiong


Chris Danforth
J.T. Halbert
Cory Hauck
Brandy Rapatski


Robert Day
Daniel Dunlavy
William Ott
Blake Pelzer


Karen Ball
Alfred Dolich
Scott Laprise
Jae-Hong Pyo


Stephen Devlin
Takashi Nishikawa
DJ Patil
Yvonne Shashoua