1. A graduate student may, upon the recommendation of the dissertation director, and with the endorsement of the home graduate program graduate director or chair, include his or her own published works as part of the final dissertation. Appropriate citations within the dissertation including where the work was previously published are required. All such materials must be produced in standard dissertation format.
  2. It is recognized that a graduate student may co-author work with faculty and colleagues that should be included in a dissertation. In such an event, a letter should be sent to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research certifying that the student's examining committee has determined that the student made a substantial contribution to that work. This letter should also note that inclusion of the work has the approval of the dissertation adviser and the program chair or graduate director. The format of such inclusions must conform to the standard dissertation format. A foreword to the dissertation, as approved by the Dissertation Committee, must state that the student made the substantial contributions to the relevant aspects of the jointly authored work included in the dissertation.