Organizers: Harry Tamvakis, Niranjan Ramachandran
When: Monday or Wednesday @ 2pm

Where: ONLINE for fall 2020. 

 The seminar is being held via Zoom. Here is the zoom link. The password is the first six Fibonacci numbers (starting at 0). University of Maryland users will be admited directly. Other users should use their first and last names, and will be admitted from the waiting room.

Lie Groups and Representation Theory Seminar

Recordings of the Lectures:

  • Federico Scavia, September 9: Steenrod operations on the de Rham cohomology of algebraic stacks
  • Wenhao Ou, September 16: Projective manifolds whose tangent bundle contains a strictly nef subsheaf
  • Krishna Hanumanthu, September 21: Some results on Seshadri Constants
  • Si Ying Li, September 23: Eichler-Shimura relations for Hodge type
  • Sam Mundy, September 28: Eisenstein Series on G2 and the Skinner-Urban method for Sym3- Part I (for part II see the Lie Groups and Representation Theory Seminar)
  • Arthur-Cesar Le Bras, October 7: On the irreducible case of Fargues' conjecture for GL_n  (part I)
  • Arthur-Cesar Le Bras, October 14: On the irreducible case of Fargues' conjecture for GL_n  (part II)
  • Maria Yakerson, October 12: The Hilbert Scheme of infinite affine space
  • Wei Zhang, November 4: The arithmetic fundamental lemma over a general p-adic field
  • Patrick Brosnan: February 22: Volumes of definable sets in o-minimal expansions and affine GAGA theorems
  • Benedict Gross, March 8: Incoherent definite orthogonal spaces and Shimura varieties   (slides)
  • Dori Bejleri, March 22: Wall-crossing for compact moduli of higher dimensional varieties
  • Kai-Wen Lan, March 30: Cohomology of Shimura Varieties and Hodge-Tate Weights (slides)
  • David Harbater, April 12: Local global principles over semi-global fields
  • Samit Dasgupta, April 14: Stark's Conjectures and Hilbert's 12th  (slides)
  • George Pappas, April 19: Scholze Shtukas and Shimura Varieties
  • Mario Carneiro, April 26: Mathematics in the Computer (slides)
  • Gabriel Dospinescu, May 3: p-adic cohomology of p-adic period domains

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