Abram Kagan, Professor
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405-5476; Office: MTH 2306 
Education: D.Sc., 1967, Probability & Statistics, University of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia
Research Interests: Inference in Parametric Models, Fisher's Information, Analytical Problems in Statistics, Foundations of Statistical Inference 
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Benjamin Kedem, Professor (STAT Program Director)
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405-5112; Office: MTH 4411 
Education: Ph.D., 1973, Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University 
Research Interests: Time Series, Spatial Statistics, Semiparametrics, Information Fusion. 
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Partha Lahiri , Affiliate Professor (with JPSM)
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 314-5903; Office: 1218 LeFrak Hall 
Education: Ph.D., 1986, Statistics, University of Florida 
Research Interests: Survey Sampling, Multi-level Modeling, Small-Area Estimation, Bayes and Empirical Bayes Inference, Resampling Methods. 
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Joan Jian-Jian Ren, Professor
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405-5473; Office: MTH 2305 
Education: Ph.D., 1990, Statistics, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill 
Research Interests: Statistical Models and Inferences, Survival Analysis and Its Applications in Biomedical Research, BIGDATA Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Linear Models, Likelihood Methods, Resampling Methods, Censored Data, Differentiabiliy Methods, and Probability. 
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Takumi Saegusa, Assistant Professor
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405-4137; Office: MTH 4303 
Education: Ph.D., 2012, Biostatistics, University of Washington 
Research Interests: Empirical Process Theory under Complex Sampling, General Semiparametric Models and Model Misspecification, Inference for High-Dimensional Data. 
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Eric V. Slud, Professor
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405-5469; Office: MTH 2314 
Education: Ph.D., 1976, Mathematics (Probability), Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Research Interests: Inference for Sample Surveys, Semiparametrics, and Survival Analysis. 
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Paul J. Smith, Associate Professor 
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405-5061; Office: MTH 1107 
Education: Ph.D., 1969, Statistics, Case Western Reserve University 
Research Interests: Categorical Data Analysis, Robust and Nonparametric Statistical Methods, Applications of Statistics. 
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Tingni Sun, Assistant Professor
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405-9812; Office: MTH 4113 
Education: Ph.D., 2012, Statistics, Rutgers University 
Research Interests: High-dimensional Statistical Inference, Matrix Estimation, Classification and Their Applications. 
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Vince Lyzinski, Assistant Professor
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405 5047; Office: MTH 4310
Education: Ph.D., 2013, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests: Random graph inference, statistical machine learning, graph matching algorithms, Markov chains, probability, combinatorics
Personal Website: https://www.math.umd.edu/~vlyzinsk/

Grace L. Yang, Professor Emerita
E-Mail: ; Phone: (301) 405-5480; Office: MTH 4402 
Education: Ph.D., 1966, Statistics, University of California - Berkeley 
Research Interests: Asymptotic Theory in Statistics, Survival Analysis and Empirical Likelihoods Method. Statistical applications include constructions of stochastic models for physical sciences with special focus on partially observed measurements, such as stochastic models for ultra-cold neutron lifetimes measured by magnetic traps, models for correcting dead times in phase Doppler interferometry for spray measurements, and models of sodium channels for studying activity of nerve cells. 
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