Last NameFirst NameAwardedAdvisorThesis TitleInitial Placement
Pan Lemeng Aug-16 B. Kedem Semiparametric Methods in Estimation of Tail Probabilities and Extreme Quantiles Allergan Corp.
Rankel Peter Aug-16 E. Slud/J. Conroy Statistical Analysis of Text Summarization Evaluation TBD
Galagate Douglas May-16 P. Smith/J. Schafer Causal inference with a continuous treatment and outcome: Alternative estimators for parametric dose-response functions with applications US Census Bureau, Washington, DC
Xue Zhenyi Dec-15 P. Lahiri Bayesian Model to Estimate Inbreeding Coefficient for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Collected from Complex Survey  
Shen Meiyu May-15 E. Slud/E. Russek-Cohn Statistical Methods in Bioequivalence Studies Mathematical Statistician, FDA
Tcheuko Lucas Dec-14 M. Freidlin/ L. Koralov Asymptotic Problems for Stochastic Processes and Corresponding Partial Differential Equations Mathematical Statistician, FDA
Tian Yue Dec-14 P. Smith Functional Principal Component Analysis with Application to Viewership of Motion Pictures Data Analyst, Freddie Mac, VA
Dayaratna Kevin Aug-14 B. Kedem Contributions to Bayesian Statistical Modeling in Public Policy Research Senior Statistician and Research Programmer, Center for Data Analysis, Heritage Foundation
Ji Ran Aug-14 X. He/ A. Kagan Semiparametric Threshold Regression Analysis for Time-to-Event Data Principal Statistician, GlaxoSmithKline, PA
Lee Jong Jun Aug-14 M. Freidlin/ S. Cerrai Small Mass Asymptotics for
Problems in Stochastic Differential Equations
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
Nam Kijoeng Aug-14 P. Smith/D. Dolgopyat Dimension Reduction in Inverse Spline Regression ORISE Post Doctoral Fellow, FDA/CBER/OBE
Sotiris Ekaterina Dec-13 E. Slud/W. Bell Outlier Modeling for Spatial Gaussian Random Fields Senior Research Associate, Economic Systems, Inc., Falls Church, VA
Yan Jin May-13 P. Smith/M. Wedel Reversible Jump Hidden Markov Model Analysis of Longitudinal Data with Medical Applications Financial Economist, Fannie Mae, Washington, DC
Zhou Wen May-13 B. Kedem Out of Sample Fusion Senior Statistician, Otsuka Inc., Rockville, MD
Ha Neung Soo May-13 P. Lahiri   Post-Doc, NISS
Li Jing May-13 P. Smith Analysis of Repeated Measures in the Presence of Missing Observations  
Franco Carolina Aug-12 A. Kagan Selected Problems in Multi-Sample Statistical Inference U.S. Census Bureau
Suntornchost Jiraphan Aug-12 E. Slud Analysis of Models for Epidemiologic and Survival Data Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Li Bo Aug-11 P. Smith Nonparametric Estimation and Testing of Interaction in Generalized Additive Models Statistical Reviewer, CDER/Office of Biostatistics, FDA
Voulgaraki Anastasia Aug-11 B. Kedem Semiparametric Regression & Mortality Date Prediction Manager - Special Projects, Liberty Mutual
Sur Ritaja Dec-10 B. Kedem Statistical Analysis of Eye Gaze Data Statistician, Demandtec
Tomasetti Cristian Dec-10 D. Dolgopyat/D. Levy Detecting and Correcting Errors in Genome Assemblies  
Li Ziliang Aug-10 E. Slud Minimum Disparity Estimator for Continuous time  Stochastic Volatility Models Biometrician Biostatistics, Merck, NJ
Tang Min Aug-10 E. Slud/R. Pfeiffer Goodness-of-fit Tests for Generalized Linear Models Research Fellow, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center
Wang Wen-Chyi Dec-09 G. Yang Regularized Variable Selection in Proportional Hazards Model Using Area under Receiver Operating Characteristic Criterion Biostatistician, Human Genome Sciences, Rockville, MD 
Janicki Ryan Aug-09 A. Kagan Statistical Inference Based on Estimating Functions in Exact and Misspecified Models Mathematical Statistician, Census Bureau
Kim Hyejin May-09 M. Freidlin Asympototic Problems for Stochastic Processes and Related Differential Equations  IMA New Directions Postdoc, Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, Minneapolos, MN
Song Xin May-09 P. Smith A New Scheme for Monitoring Multivariate Process Dispersion Senior Statistician, Capital One
Spiliopoulos Konstantinos May-09 M. Freidlin Asymptotic Problems For Stochastic Processes With Reflection And Related Partial Differential Equations Prager Assistant Professor, Brown University 
Tang Guojing May-09 D. Madan/B. Kedem Discrete Time Stochastic Volatility Model Senior Quantitative Analyst, BG Group, Houston TX 
Mai Yabing May-08 E. Slud Comparing Survival Distributions in the Presence of Dependent Censoring: Asymtotic Validity and Bias Correction of the Logrank Test Biometrician, Merck Research Labs
Yu Tinghui May-08 A. Kagan Estimation Theory of a Location Parameter in Small Samples Postdoc, SUNY - Binghamton
Li Huilin Dec-07 P. Lahiri Small Area Estimation: An Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction Approach NIH PostDoc
Lu Guanhua Dec-07 B. Kedem Asymptotic Theory in Multiple-Sample Semiparametric Density Ratio Models and Its Application to Mortality Forecasting Sr. Statistician, Claim Department/Research, Travelers Companies, Hartford CT 06183
Min Min Dec-07 P. Smith Asymptotic Normality in Generalized Linear Mixed Models FDA
Tate Calandra Dec-07 E. Slud, B. Dorr An Investigation of the Relationship Between Automated Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics and User Performance on an Information Extraction Task    
Ganesh Nadarajasundaram Aug-07 Slud/Lahiri Small Area Estimation and Prediction Problems Research Associate, National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS), US Dept. of Agriculture, Vienna, VA
Wen Shihua Aug-07 B. Kedem Semi-Parametric Cluster Detection Research Statistician, R&D/Statistics, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL 60064
Wang Shanshan May-07 W. Jank/ P. Smith Exploring and Modeling Online Auctions using Functional Data Analysis Sr. Statistician, Modeling & Analytical Services, DemandTec, Inc. 1 Circle Way, Suite 200, San Carlos CA 94070
Chen Zhiwei Aug-06 M. Freidlin Asymptotic Problems Related to Smoluchowski-Kramers Approximation   
Guo Haiming Dec-05 B. Kedem Generalized Volatility Model and a New Semiparametric Model to Calculate Value at Risk    
Chen Ru Aug-05 E. Slud Model Misspecification with Parameters of Increasing Dimension Glaxo-Smith-Kline
Chen Te-Ching Aug-05 P. Smith Estimating Common Odds Ratio with Missing Data Consulting Firm, Working for BLS
Tsou Hsiao-Hui (Sophie) Aug-05 E. Slud Factor Analysis of Cross-Classified Data Post-Doc, Div. of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, National Health Research Institutes, TAIWAN
Gagnon Richard Edward May-05 B. Kedem Certain Computational Aspects of Power Efficiency and of State Space Models    
Yang  Zhihui May-05 M. Freidlin Exit problems and stochastic resonance for a class of random perturbations Tenure-Track Professor, Western Illinois University
Cohen Freue Gabriela Dec-04 P. Smith On Robustness in some extended regression models  PostDoc, Statistics Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
Jiang Xiaoping Dec-04 P. Smith Nonparmetric Quasi-liklihood for Longtitudinal Data FDA
Cheng Yang Aug-04 E. Slud Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Computation in a Random-Effect Factor Model Mathematical Statistician, United States Postal Service, Arlington, VA.
Ren Huaizhong Aug-04 M. Freidlin Autonomous Stochastic Perturbations of Hamiltonian Systems Asst. Professor, Mathematics and Physics, The Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN
Jackson Monica Christine May-03 E. Russek-Cohen Spatial Data Analysis For Discrete Data On A Lattice    
Wu  Yougui May-01 G. Yang Estimation in Genral Regression Models Based on Case-Control Family Data Dept of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, College of Public Health, Univ. of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33612 - Research Faculty
Wright George Wilford Dec-00 E. Slud Efficient Semi-parametric Estimation Via Finit Dimentional Likelihoods Biometric Research Branch, National Cancer Institute - PostDoc
Leifer Eric Aug-00 E. Slud Optimal Two-Look Group Sequential Procedures Office of Biostatistics Research, National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD
Weems Kimberly Aug-00 P. Smith On Robustness against Misspecified Mixing Distribution in Generalized Linear Mixed Models   
Kozinstev Boris Aug-99 B. Kedem Computations with Gaussian Random Web Engineer - Block Financial Group, Cambridge, MA 
Hwang Yi-Ting May-99 G. Yang Some Finite Sample Results in the Left-Truncation and Right-Censored Model Biostatistician/Research Instructor - Georgetown University School of Medicine, DC 
Zhong Zhenshao May-99 G. Yang Goodness-of-Fit Tests with Application to Lifetime Data George Washington Univ. Biostatistic Center, DC 
Pfeiffer Ruth Aug-98 M. Freidlin Statistical Problems for Stochastic Processes with Hysteresis Fellow - National Cancer Insitute, Bethesda, MD
Jeffries Neal May-98 B. Kedem Logistic Mixtures of Generalized Linear Model Time Series National Institutes of Health
Chung Yu-Fen (Carol) Dec-97 P. Smith A Central Limit theorem for Spatial Regression Based on Generalized Estimating Equations Biostatistician - CDAC, Boston, MA
De Oliveira Victor Aug-97 B. Kedem Prediction in Some Classes of Non-Gaussian Random Fields National Institute of Statistical Sciences, NC
Kopylev Leonid Aug-97 E. Slud On Estimation of the Marginal Survival Function in the Cox Model National Institutes of Health
Fokianos Konstantinos Aug-96 B. Kedem Categorical Time Series:  Prediction and Control Post-doc, Ohio State
Liu Ning May-95 R. Syski Decomposition Theorems for Standard Processes  
Tzavelas George Aug-94 A. Kagan Parameter Estimation: Quasi-Likelihood, Generalized Linear Models, Semiparametric Models and Exponential Families  
Xu Jian-Lun Aug-93 G. Yang Nonparametric Estimation of a Distribution Function in Biased Sampling Models Math. Dept., U. of Houston
Chen Gang Aug-92 G. Yang A Conditional Bootstrap Procedure and its Asymptotic Accuracy: A Nonparametric Approach  
Karagrigoriou Alexandros Aug-92 C. Z. Wei Asymptotic Efficiency of Model Selection Procedures in Time Series  
Vonta Filia Aug-92 E. Slud Efficient Estimation of a Structural Parameter in a Non-Proportional Hazards Model in the Two-Sample Problem  
Carmona Sara May-92 M. Freidlin A Large Deviations Principle and Wave Front Propagation for a Reaction-Diffusion Equation  
Lopes Silvia Dec-91 B. Kedem Spectral Analysis in Frequency Modulated Models  
Pavlopoulos Haralabos Dec-91 B. Kedem Statistical Inference for Optimal Thresholds  
Troendle James Dec-91 B. Kedem An Iterative Filtering Method of Frequency Detection in a Mixed Spectrum Model NICHD, NIH
Graubard Barry Aug-91 P. Smith Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Complex Survey Data with Biomedical Applications Nat. Cancer Inst., NIH
Lee Sangyeol Aug-91 C. Z. Wei Testing Gaussianality of Time Series  
Perry Elgin Aug-91 E. Russek-Cohen Distributional Properties of Parameters Derived from Leslie Matrix Models   
Chen Sy-Mien Dec-90 P. Smith Robust Tests in Statistical Quality Control Math. Dept., Fu-Jen U., Taiwan
Martin Donald Dec-90 B. Kedem Estimation of the Minimal Period of Periodically Correlated Sequences  
Koutsoukos Antonis Aug-90 E. Slud Probabilities of Moderate and Large Deviations of Test Statistics and Estimators in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters  
Wang Wenyu May-90 G. Yang Statistical Inference for Aggregated Markov Processes  
Guo Meihui Aug-89 C. Z. Wei Inference for Nonlinear Time Series  
Lee Chin San Aug-89 G. Yang Parameter Estimation in Branching Processes with Application to Tumor Growth  
Foster Dean Aug-88 G. Yang Conditional Least Squares for Semi-martingales Stat. Dept, Penn
Myers Margaret Aug-88 P. Smith Robustness of Design in Misspecified Logistic Regression Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Austin
Cai Haiyan May-88 R. Syski On Reviving Markov Processes and Applications Math. Dept., U of Missouri, St. Louis
Donaldson Ana May-88 P. Smith Nonparametric Estimation in a Survival/Sacrifice Experiment  
Monsour Michael Aug-86 P. Mikulski Optimality and Other Asymptotic Properties of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator in the First Order Autoregressive Process  
Winnicki Jan May-86 C. Z. Wei A Unified Estimation Theory for the Branching Process with Immigration Statistics Dept., Columbia
Chan Ngai Hang Aug-85 C. Z. Wei Asymptotic Inference of Nonstationary Autoregressive Processes Hlavaty Post-Doc, Indiana U.
Chang Myron May-84 G. Yang Nonparametric Estimation for Doubly Censored Data Statistics Dept., U of Florida
Reed George Dec-83 B. Kedem Some Properties and Applications of Higher Order Crossings   
Conner Teresa Dec-81 G. Yang A Heteroscedastic Model Arising from Dependence Between the Mean and the Variance  
Rosen Julie Ann Dec-81 R. Syski The Fortet Integral with Respect to a Martingale  
Lakatos Edward Dec-78 P. Smith Undiminished Residual Effects Designs and Their Applications to Survey Sampling US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Rubinstein Lawrence Aug-78 G. Yang Nonparametric Estimation of the Survival Function for Censored Data Nat. Cancer Inst., NIH
Fleming Thomas R. Dec-76 G. Yang Non-Parametric Estimation for Non-Time-Homogeneous Markov Processes in the Problem of Competing Risks Mayo Clinic
Bushar Harry Aug-76 R. Syski Continuous Parameter Markov Chains, Classification of Boundary Points and Use of Local Time  
Harrington David P. Aug-76 R. Syski Limit Theorems for Continuous Time Markov Branching Processes with Varying and Random Environments Univ. of Virginia
Kolmus Peter Aug-75 R. Syski Extension Theorems for Choquet Capacities with Applications in Probability Theory  
Wiener Kenneth May-75 P. Mikulski Modified Approximate Efficiencies for General Location Problems Montgomery College
Wieand Harry (Sam) Dec-74 P. Mikulski On a Condition under Which the Pitman and Bahadur Approaches to Efficiency Coincide Univ. of Pittsburgh
Archambault William Dec-72 P. Mikulski On Bounds for the Asymptotic Power and on Pitman Efficiencies for the Cramer-von-Mises Tests  
Brooks Lowell Jun-70 K. Daniel Linear Programs for the Solutions of Discrete Dynamic Programming and Markov Renewal Programming Problems  
Blake Louis Aug-69 R. Syski The Preservation of Regularity of Conditional Probabilities  
Yu Chin-Shih Aug-69 P. Mikulski On Upper Bounds of Asymptotic Power and on Pitman Efficiencies of Kolmogorov and Smirnov Tests  
Kalish George Jun-69 P. Mikulski The Asymptotic Efficiency of the Smirnov Test  
Schachtman Richard H. Aug-68 R. Syski Stochastic Stieltjes Integrals  
Kaplan Harold Jun-67 P. Mikulski Large-Sample Tests of Expectations in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters