The program in mathematics leads to a degree of Bachelor of Science in mathematics and offers students training in mathematics and statistics in preparation for graduate work, teaching, and positions in government or industry.  See our career opportunities page.  Mathematical training is integrated with the computer use in several courses. Because a strong mathematical background is important in several fields, over a third of UMCP mathematics majors are double majors. For the description of all campus courses see the Undergraduate Catalog.

There are four tracks for the major, the Traditional Track, the Secondary Education Track, the Statistics Track and the Applied Math Track. The Secondary Education Track is for students seeking to become certified to teach mathematics at the secondary level (for more information click here).   However, students planning to complete the Five-Year Integrated Master's with Certification Program are required to complete the Traditional Track.   The Statistics Track is either for students preparing for graduate work in Statistics or who would like to prepare for one of the many occupations that require a strong Statistics background.  Details on the Statistics Track are given below.

Statistics Track

All new students matriculating in Fall 2012 or later must earn a grade of C- or better in all of the following courses. In addition, students must earn an overall 2.000 average in these major courses to meet graduation requirements.

1. The introductory sequence MATH 140, 141, 240, 241, 246 or the corresponding honors sequence MATH 340-341.  Completion of MATH 340 satisfies the requirement for MATH 241; completion of MATH 340-341 satisfies the requirement for MATH 240-241-246.  In addition, the MATH 246 requirement may be fulfilled by MATH 414 instead.  If MATH 414 is used to fulfill the MATH 246 requirement, it may also be used as one of the upper level math requirements in (3)(g)(ii) below.

2. MATH 310, unless otherwise exempted.

3. Eight additional courses, at least four of which must be taken at College Park. The eight courses are prescribed as follows:

  1. MATH 410. 
  2. One course from AMSC 460 and 466.
  3. One course from Math 401 and 405.
  4. STAT 410.
  5. One course from STAT 401 and 420.
  6. STAT 430.
  7. Two additional courses from the following list:
    1. Any 400 level or higher STAT courses except STAT 464.
    2. MATH 411, 424, and 464.
    3. BIOM 402.

4. One course from CMSC 122, 106, 131, 132, ENAE 202, ENEE150, PHYS 165, or AOSC358L. Students may be exempt from this requirement if he or she can demonstrate adequate programming knowledge from a prior course or work experience.

5.   One of the following supporting three-course sequences. These are intended to broaden the student's mathematical experience. Other sequences might be approved by the Undergraduate Office--but they would have to make use of mathematical ideas, comparable to the sequences on this list.

  1. PHYS 161, 260/1, 270/1
  2. PHYS 171, 272, 273
  3. ENES 102, PHYS 161, ENES 220
  4. CMSC 132, 250, 216
  5. CHEM 146/77, 237, 247
  6. CHEM 131/2, 231/2, 241/2
  7. ECON 200, 201, and one of ECON 305, 306, 325 or 326
  8. BMGT 220, 221, 340 (note holdfile requirement for BMGT 340)