April 11-13 (Friday - Sunday), 2014

Friday Talks:
Jayadev Athreya  "The Hausdorff Dimension of the set of Non-Ergodic IET's"
Jon Fickenscher  "Topological Mixing for some Residual Sets of Interval Exchange Transformations"
Ioannis Konstantoulas (Short Talk)  "Effective Multiple Mixing for Weyl Chamber Actions"
Kathryn Lindsey (Short Talk)  "Shapes of Polynomial Julia Sets"
Alex Wright  "GL(2,R) Orbit Closures of Translation Surfaces"
Bill Veech (Colloquium Talk)  "Riemann Sums and Mobius"
Mahesh Nerurkar  "A Tribute to Bob Ellis"
Saturday Talks:
Lewis Bowen  "Stationary Actions: Genericity and New Constructions"
Vaughn Climenhaga  "Tower Constructions and Specification Properties"
Rachel Bayless (Short Talk)  "Entropy and Isomorphism with Infinite Measures"
Changguang Dong (Short Talk)  "Slow Entropy for Abelian Actions"
Yonatan Gutman  "Dynamical Embedding in Cubical Shifts with a View Towards Physics"
Boris Kalinin  "Cocycles over Hyperbolic Systems"
Alena Erchenko (Short Talk)  "Topological and Metric Entropies for Surfaces of Negative Curvature"
James Tanis (Short Talk)  "The distribution of S-integral points on SL_2-orbit closures of binary forms"
Zhiren Wang  "Multi-invariant Measures and Subsets on Nilmanifolds"
Sunday Talks:
Mike Hochman  "Dimension of Self-Similar Sets and Additive Combinatorics"
Kurt Vinhage  "Smooth Rigidity for Restrictions of Weyl Chamber Flows"
Jane Wang (Short Talk)  "When is a Topologically Weak Mixing Action Almost Strong Mixing?"
Yun Zhao (Short Talk)  "Observable Measures and Ergodic Averages"
Carlos Matheus  "Some finiteness Results for SL(2,R)-orbits of Algebraically Primitive Veech Surfaces"
Keith Burns  "Ergodicity of the Weil Petersson geodesic flow"

For more information on the talks, please see the Abstracts.