Algebra and Number Theory

D. Bejleri, Algebraic Geometry
P. Brosnan Algebraic Geometry
A. Gholampour Algebraic Geometry, Gromov-Witten and Donaldson-Thomas Invariants
W. Goldman Moduli of representations of discrete groups
T. Haines Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
N. Ramachandran Algebraic Geometry, Motives
J. M. Rosenberg K-Theory
J. A. Schafer (Emeritus) Commutative Algebra, Cohomology of Groups
H. Tamvakis Algebraic Geometry, Complex Geometry, Arakelov Theory
L. C. Washington Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry
Y. Zhu Number Theory, Automorphic Representations

Abstract and Classical Analysis

J. Adams (Emeritus) Representation Theory
R. Balan Applied Harmonic Analysis, Signal Processing
J. J. Benedetto (Emeritus) Wavelet Theory and Harmonic Analysis
J. M. Cohen (Emeritus) Potential Theory on Graphs
W. Czaja Pseudodifferential Operators, Wavelets, and Harmonic Analysis
J. M. Rosenberg C*-Algebras, Noncommutative Analysis

Complex Analysis

T. Darvas Pluripotential theory, Several complex variables
W. Goldman Complex and Kähler Manifolds
D. H. Hamilton Quasiconformal Geometry, Complex Dynamics
M. Jakobson Complex Dynamics
Y. A. Rubinstein Geometric Analysis, Complex Differential Geometry
Harry Tamvakis Complex Geometry
R. Wentworth Kähler Geometry, Moduli Spaces
S. A. Wolpert (Emeritus) Riemann Surfaces, Teichmueller theory and geometry of moduli spaces

Mathematical Logic

Artem Chernikov Model theory and Applications
M. C. Laskowski Model Theory, Set Theory
Christian Rosendal Descriptive Set Theory, Model Theory


L. Chen Symmetries of Manifolds
J. M. Cohen (Emeritus) Discretization of Classical Structures
D. Cristofaro-Gardiner Symplectic Geometry and Topology
T. Darvas Geometric Analysis, Complex Differential Geometry
A. De Rosa Geometric Measure Theory, Geometric Analysis, PDEs
W. Goldman Geometric Structures on Manifolds, Moduli Spaces
S. Halperin Rational Homotopy Theory
K. Melnick Rigidity, Lorentz and Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry
J. Millson (Emeritus) Locally Symmetric Spaces, Configuration Spaces
J. M. Rosenberg Algebraic Topology, Geometry, Index Theory, Mathematical Physics
Y. A. Rubinstein Geometric Analysis, Complex Differential Geometry
J. A. Schafer (Emeritus) Algebraic and Differential Topology, Cohomology of Groups
R. Wentworth Kähler Geometry, Moduli Spaces
S. Wolpert (Emeritus) Riemann Surfaces
B. Zhang Low Dimensional Topology and Gauge Theory
C. Zickert Low Dimensional Topology 

Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

D. Dolgopyat Smooth Dynamics
B. Fayad Daynaical Systems
G. Forni Complex Dynamics
W. Goldman Ergodic theory on moduli spaces
M. Jakobson Low-Dimensional and Complex Dynamics
A. Kanigowski Flows on manifolds, Ergodic theory
R. Trevino, Dynamics on surfaces, quasicrystals
J. A. Yorke Applied Dynamics, Numerical Methods, Smooth Dynamics

Partial Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis

A. De Rosa Geometric Measure Theory, Geometric Analysis, PDEs
P. M. Fitzpatrick (Emeritus) Topological Methods in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
M. Grillakis Nonlinear Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
A. Gumel Mathematical Biology
C. D. Levermore (Emeritus) Partial Differential Equations
D. Levy Modeling in Biology and Medicine
D. Margetis Applied analysis, mathematical models in materials science
M. Machedon Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
A. Mellet Nonlinear PDE of elliptic and parabolic type, fluid dynamics, kinetic models
H. Nguyen Partial Differential Equations and Fluid Mechanics
R. Nochetto Geometric partial differential equations, Free boundary problems, Fractional diffusion
Y. A. Rubinstein Geometric Analysis, Optimal Transport, Convex and Complex Geometry, Algebraic Geometry
E. Tadmor Nonlinear time dependent Partial Differential Equations
K. Trivisa Nonlinear analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Fluid dynamics, Mathematical Biology

Numerical Analysis

M. Cameron Scientific Computating
D. Levy Numerical Analysis, Applied Dynamics, Biology and Medicine.
R. Nochetto Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Variational methods for linear and nonlinear partial differential equations, Adaptivity, Nonlinear approximation
T. von Petersdorff Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations
D. Ray, Numerical Analysis and Machine Learning
E. Tadmor Numerical Analysis of high resolution and multiscale methods
Haizhao Yang, Machine Learning for PDEs & Inverse Problems

Statistics and Probability

M. Cameron Stochastic Processes and Partial Differential Equations
S. Cerrai Stochastic PDE
M. I. Freidlin (Emeritus) Asymptotic Problems for Stochastic Processes and Partial Differential Equations
Y. Gu, Random Dynamics, Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
A. Kagan (Emeritus) Estimation Theory, Characterization Problems
B. Kedem Time Series; Spatial Statistics; Semiparametrics; Data fusion
L. Koralov Homogenization, Random Perturbations of Dynamical Systems
P. Lahiri Survey Sampling, Bayesian Estimation
L. Lin, Bayesian statistics, statistics on manifolds, network analysis
V. Lyzinski, Statistical Network Inference, Graph Theory, Probability
J. J. Ren Statistical Methods and Modeling, Probability
T. Saegusa Biostatistics, Inference for High-dimensional Data
E. V. Slud Inference from Sample Surveys, Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes, Survival Analysis
P. J. Smith (Emeritus) Nonparametric Statistics, Categorical Data, Applications

Mathematics Education

W. Goldman Mathematical Visualization
D. Gulick (Emeritus) Calculus Reform, New Technology
D. Levy K-12 and Outreach
J. M. Rosenberg Uses of Mathematical Software
Y. A. Rubinstein Research Experience for Undergraduates
S. Wolpert (Emeritus) Calculus Reform