This program is funded by the department and honors Distinguished University Professor Emeritus Serguei Novikov. The Novikov Postdoctoral program supports mathematicians who have recently completed or will soon complete a doctorate in mathematics or a closely related field, and whose work shows remarkable promise in mathematical research. The appointments are for one to three years, with a light teaching requirement of two to three courses per academic year.

Current Novikov Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • James Hanson works in continuous logic and applications of logic to topology and analysis. He also has background in theoretical physics. James is a student of Uri Andrews at Wisconsin. His mentor is Chris Laskowski.
  • Hussain Ibdah is interested in theoretically analyzing nonlinear, nonlocal PDEs, in particular, those of fluid mechanics and transport-diffusion systems. He is a student of Edriss Titi at Texas A&M. His mentor is Eitan Tadmor.
  • Fushuai Jiang works in aspects of multivariate interpolation and extension theory as well as harmonicanalysis with applications to data science. He is a doctoral student of Garving Kevin Luli (UC Davis). His mentor is Radu Balan.
  • Jaime Paradela Diaz works on celestial mechanics and dynamical systems.  His PhD is from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
  • Shalin Parekh works in aspects of probability with emphasis on interacting particle systems and theirconvergence to stochastic partial differential equations, random walks in random environments and polymermodels. He is a student of Ivan Corwin (Columbia). Shalin's mentor is Yu Gu.
  • C. Alex Safsten works on mathematical biology and machine learning.  His PhD is from Penn State.
  • Matthias Wellershoff works in aspects of data science, particularly problems of phase retrieval from time-frequency and time-scale structured data. Matthias is a student of Rima Alaifari (ETH). Matthias' mentor is Wojtek Czaja.
  • Rigoberto Zelada works in ergodic theory. He is a student of Vitaly Bergelson at Ohio State. His mentor is Adam Kanigowski.
  • Lutian Zhao works in enumerative algebraic geometry with applications to mathematical physics. He is a student of Sheldon Katz at Illinois. His mentor is Amin Gholampour.
  • Jenna Zomback works in ergodic theory, descriptive set theory, and dynamics.  She was a student of Anush Tserunyan at Illinois.

 Former Novikov Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Xiaoqi Huang works in harmonic and geometric analysis and partial differential equations. He is a student of Chris Sogge at Hopkins. His mentor was Manos Grillakis. Placement: Assistant Professor, Lousiana State University.
  • Yordanka Kovacheva is an algebraic geometer, a student of Madhav Nori from the University of Chicago. She has one published paper in Experimental Mathematics coming out of an REU while she was an undergraduate at Amherst College.  Her research mostly concerns algebraic cycles, Chow groups, and K-theory of algebraic varieties.  Her mentor was Patrick Brosnan.
  • Jakob Hultgren. Jakob is a student of Robert Berman and David Witt Nyström from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. His research field is complex differential geometry. He is interested in canonical metrics in Kähler geometry and their relation to optimal transport, statistical mechanics and stability notions in algebraic geometry. His mentor was Yanir Rubinstein. Placement: Umeå University.
  • Xiumin Du. A student of Xiaochun Li, Xiumin received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She works in Harmonic Analysis. Her thesis was on Schrödinger maximal estimates.  Her mentor was Wojtek Czaja. (2018-2020). Placement: Assistant Professor, Northwestern University.
  • Ruiwen Shu. A student of Shi Jin from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Ruiwen works on uncertainty quantification for kinetic equations with random inputs.  His mentor was Eitan Tadmor. (2018-2021). Placement: Assistant Professor, University of Georgia.
  • Zehua Zhao is a student of Benjamin Dodson at Johns Hopkins and works in dispersive PDE, especially nonlinear Schrödinger equations.  His mentor was Matei Machedon. (2019-2021). Placement: Beijing Institute of Technology.
  • Guangyu Xi. A student of Zhongmin Qian and Gui-Qiang Chen from Oxford, Guangyu works in stochastic analysis, PDEs and fluid mechanics.  His mentor was Sandra Cerrai. (2018-2021). Placement: Quant Researcher, Akuna Capital.
  • Jingren Chi. A student of Bảo Châu Ngô from the University of Chicago, Chi works at the junction of algebraic geometry, number theory and representation theory. He is interested in applying methods in geometric representation theory to problems in p-adic harmonic analysis.  His mentor was Tom Haines. (2019-2021). Placement: Chienese Academy of Sciences.
  • Mickaël Latocca works in partial differential equations, particularly equations arising in fluid mechanics and Schrödinger dynamics.  He was a doctoral student of Isabelle Gallagher and Nicolas Burq at École Normale Supérieure, Paris. His mentor was Matei Machedon.  Placement: Université d'Évry in France.
  • Eoin Mackall works in algebraic geometry and algebraic K-theory.  He was a student of Nikita Karpenko at the University of Alberta.  His mentor was Niranjan Ramachandran. Placement: UC San Diego.