Congratulations to AOSC's Jonathan Poterjoy and Kayo Ide (also of math and IPST) on joining a new NOAA consortium to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts. 

Called CADRE, the $6.6 million initiative will focus on data assimilation, which uses observations to improve model predictions of natural systems, like Earth's atmosphere, over time. It will also train the next generation of atmospheric scientists in this field, which has a high demand for specialists.

You can read more about CADRE in the press release:

Congratulations to Alfio Quarteroni for winning the 2024 Blaise Pascal Medal in Mathematics

The message from the European Academy of Sciences reads:

We are excited to announce that Professor Alfio Quarteroni has been awarded the esteemed 2024 Blaise Pascal Medal in Mathematics for his outstanding contributions to the field, particularly in applied mathematics!
Over three decades, Professor Quarteroni has emerged as a global leader in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, offering both theoretical advancements and practical solutions to real-world challenges.
His notable achievements include designing a winning sailing boat for the Swiss team Alinghi, securing victory in the America's Cup twice, showcasing his adeptness at applying mathematics to engineering challenges. Furthermore, his groundbreaking work on modeling the human heart has transformed medical treatment strategies. By creating comprehensive mathematical models that encompass fluid dynamics, muscle mechanics, and the electrical heart system, he provides invaluable insights for physicians, enhancing cardiac diagnosis and treatment accuracy.

Beyond academia, Professor Quarteroni's influence extends to various sectors, from sports engineering to medical diagnostics, demonstrating his commitment to bridging theory and practice.
These contributions have earned him widespread recognition as a distinguished member of the mathematical community and a worthy recipient of the Blaise Pascal Medal.
Congratulations, Professor Alfio Quarteroni, on this well-deserved recognition of your exceptional contributions to mathematics and its practical applications!

Archana Khurana has been selected to receive the Donna B. Hamilton Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in a General Education Course.  Awards are based solely on student nominations and are solicited from across campus.  From the many nominations received, the selection committee was very impressed by the student experience in Archana’s Math 120 and Stat 100 courses.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies will hold a recognition awards ceremony on May 15, 2024 at 3pm in the Stamp Student Union.

Yanir’s proposal on “Incorporating outreach into the curriculum via experiential learning” is one of the only 27 projects out of 140 submissions that were funded by the UMD Do Good Campus Fund.

Congratulations to UMD’s 3 Goldwater Scholars this year, all from CMNS:

  • Junior physics and mathematics double-degree student Yash Anand
  • Sophomore atmospheric and oceanic science and physics double-degree student Malcolm Maas
  • Junior biological sciences and mathematics double-degree student Jerry Shen

Over the last 15 years, UMD’s nominations yielded 49 scholarships—No. 2 in the nation behind Stanford.

The official announcement article can be read here:

Congratulations again, Yash, Malcolm and Jerry!

Congratulations to Maria Cameron for her MURI award. MURI are multidisciplinary university research initiative grants that are awarded by the department of defense. Cameron’s grant is sponsored by the office of naval research. Her team includes Balakumar Balachandran (ME) and Miao Yu (ME). This is a project on “disorder-influenced collective dynamics of nonlinear oscillator systems.”

More details about this award are in the official university announcement: Link