Welcome to the Math Business Office Web Page

We hope that you are able to find everything you need in order to conduct business with us. Below you will find the business staff listing and their assigned duties. Should you have questions, please free to contact any of us and we will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

Who We Are

NameJob FunctionsEmail
Chung, To Anh Manges payroll and benefits actions. 
Gonzalez, Liliana Manages proposals and grant managment. Approves travel and regulations and purchasing for the department. 
Gore, Rebecca Coordinate services for conferences and events. Travel Approval Requests and Travel Expense Statements for the department and all of the departmental visitors.
Lawerence, Agi Director and liaison to the dean’s office on departmental issues; budget strategic planning/reporting; campus-wide agreement initiation and review; faculty contracts; sabbatical requests; search committee designee.
Giackero, Yodit Compile financial, and accounting reports pertaining to departmental and state accounts, and sponsored projects. Account reconciliation, bookkeeping, Meal Reimbursement Requests, and backup mailroom, keys, and parking.
Moran, Sara Manages the application process for the H-1B, J-1 Visa program, business office coordinator.
Padgett, Stephanie Faculty administration (verification of employment), Chair's support/calendar, and departmental room reservations.
Wincek, Elizabeth Department security issues, department of telecommunications representative, facilities maintenance, departmental parking instructions, visitors parking instructions, special projects, mailroom operation, keys and key-card activation, purchasing, and inventory. Processes Internal Service Requests (The Commons) and Meal Reimbursement Requests.