So what can one do with a Math Major?  The easiest way to answer this quesiton is to show examples.  This is precisely what this page is all about.  Many of our graduates are happy to share details about their post-graduation employment.  All information listed in this webpage is self-reported by the students.  It typically provides information about their initial job/school after leaving Maryland.

Some outstanding Maryland math majors have gone on to famous careers. In recent years, some of the best majors have gone on to some of the best graduate programs in the country (Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Berkeley,...).

In the list below, a school name refers to graduate school (usually Math -- nonMath is indicated).

Pre 1980

1936 George Dantzig (Michigan) ("father of linear programming")
1966 Charles Fefferman (Princeton) (later won the Fields Medal--the "Nobel Prize of Mathematics")


1980 Christopher Asano*
1981 Steven Bonners
1981 Valerie Matthews
1981 L. Stephenson* (Maryland)
1982 Ravi Boppana*, Ph.D., Computer Science, MIT
1982 Mary Flather-Phillips (Naval Research Labs)
1983 Selman Herschfield* (Physics, Cornell)
1983 Alex Stanoyevitch* (Michigan)
1983 Geoffrey Birky*
1983 Eugene Lerman* (MIT)
1988 Harold Knight* (Yale)
1988 Boris Goldfarb* (Cornell)


1990 Richard Penn* (Michigan)
1990 Chris Monsour* (Chicago)
1991 Alex Gurevich*
1992 Emiliano Gomez* (Berkeley)
1993 Sergey Brin* (Stanford, Computer Science) (later cofounded Google)
1993 Glenn Easley* (Maryland)
1994 Matt Baker* (Berkeley)
1994 Richard Durand*
1995 Anna Borovikov*
1995 Michael Gurevich* (Maryland)
1995 Geoffrey Hruska* (Cornell)
1995 Joseph Miller* (Cornell)
1996 Peter Calabrese*
1997 Kenneth Gosier* (NYU)
1997 Sudheer Shukla* (Chicago)
1998 Christopher Chambers* (Rochester)
1999 John Armstrong* (Yale)
1999 David Bindel* (Berkeley)
1999 David Clark* (MIT)


2000 Jeffrey Brown* (Berkeley)
2000 Sean Lawton* (Maryland)
2000 Ming Wei Ong* (Maryland)
2000 David Spivak* (Berkeley)


2001 Matt Bainbridge* (Harvard)
2001 James Bremer (Yale)
2001 Chad Groft* (Stanford)
2001 William Patrick Hooper* (Stony Brook)
2001 Robert Rohde* (Berkeley)


2002 Jason Ernst*
2002 James Howard (Data Scientist, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab)
2002 Paul Yu* (Maryland)


2003 Lawrence D'Anna* (Maryland)
2003 Jared English* (Wisconsin)
2003 Michael Thompson* (Maryland)


2004 Jonathan Dahl* (Johns Hopkins)
2004 Stuart Fletcher* (rock and roll band)
2004 Steven Helfand* (Maryland) (but after a semester, he left to play drums for the Glenn Miller Band; currently Technical Sergeant, USAF)
2004 Sarah Kitchen* (Utah)
2004 Alexandre Rostovtsev* (Maryland)
2004 Andrew Snowden* (Princeton) (with Ph.D.2009 under Andrew Wiles, who proved Fermat's Last Theorem)
2004 Benjamin Trahan* (Maryland)
2004 William Valencia* (Johns Hopkins, NASA)
2004 Marshall Williams* (Michigan)
2004 Nikolai Yakovenko* (Columbia) (and then on to Google in NY)


2005 Greg Crosswhite (Univ. of Washington, Physics)
2005 Reginald Covington (Cornell, Economics)
2005 Patrick Curran* (teaching high school)
2005 Neha Gupta* (Google)
2005 Ninad Jog*
2005 Juan Lleras (Berkeley, Economics)
2005 Slawa Rokicki (Instructor, Rutgers School of Public Health)  
2005 Bianca Viray* (Berkeley)
2005 James White (Maryland, Applied Math)


2006 Amir Ahmadi* (assistant professor, Princeton)
2006 Timothy Dulaney* (Physics, Cal Tech)
2006 Michael Hall* (Mathematics, UCLA)
2006 Bryant Lee (Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon)
2006 Lea Ann Mawler*
2006 Alisa Stephens (Biostatistics, Harvard)


2007 Mohamed Abutaleb (Physics, MIT)
2007 Sinan Ariturk (Mathematics, Johns Hopkins)
2007 Jeffrey Donatelli* (Mathematics, Berkeley)
2007 Anton Lukyanenko* (Mathematics, Maryland)
2007 Andrew Parrish* (Mathematics, U.C.San Diego)
2007 Blake Riddick (Physics, Maryland)
2007 Gaurav Thakur* (Applied Mathematics, Princeton)


2008 John Dickerson (Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon)
2008 Morgan Dixon (Computer Science, U of Washington)
2008 Christina Frederick* (Mathematics, Texas at Austin)
2008 Nicholas Henderson* (Mathematics, Maryland)
2008 Philip Isett* (NSF Fellow, Mathematics, Princeton)
2008 Katrina LaCurts (NSF Fellow, Computer Science, MIT)
2008 Julian Lamy (Manager, Energy Systems Optimization, Electricite de France)
2008 Dan Marcin (Economics, Michigan)
2008 Jesse Sugar-Moore* (Mathematics, Texas at Austin)


2009 Jeffrey Birenbaum (Physics, Berkeley)
2009 Sean Burke (Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin)
2009 Hannah Gerlach (Northrop Grumman)
2009 Stevie Green (Physics, UCSD)
2009 Greg Ihrie (Mathematics, Cambridge)
2009 Nusrat Jerin (Programmer, Private Sector)
2009 Luke Johnson (Physics, Maryland)
2009 Siwei Kwok (Economics, UCLA)
2009 Philip Lee (Statistician, RTI)
2009 Yutao Liu (Chinese Education, Maryland)
2009 Chao Lu* (System Specialist, Private Sector)
2009 Abe Martin (Economics, Federal Reserve Bank of NY)
2009 Alex Mont (Computer Science, U. Illinois Champaign-Urbana)
2009 Alexander Per (Economics, George Washington)
2009 Steve Pesto (Private Sector, in Spain)
2009 Laura Slivinski (Research Scientist, University of Colorado)
2009 Amir Soofi (Computer Programmer, General Dynamics, Baghdad)
2009 William Stem (Physics, Maryland)
2009 Andrew Ward*
2009 Matt Weber (Technical and Functional Consultant, Private Sector)
2009 Joel Witten* (Statistics, Columbia)
2009 Di Zou (Software Engineer, Baltimore Orioles)


2010 Jonathan Anderson* (Microsoft)
2010 Bryan Ball*
2010 Stephen Bitzel (Software Developer, Tanager, Inc.)
2010 Benjamin Chapin (Music, Maryland)
2010 Jon Cohen* (Mathematics, Maryland)
2010 Cory Cummings (Mathematics Education, Maryland)
2010 Jojo Entsuah (Computational Finance, Carnegie Melon)
2010 Samantha Fish (Statistics, US Census Bureau)
2010 Hannah Gerlach (Software Development, Northrop Grumman)
2010 Kevin Hencke (Mathematics, Maryland, Math)
2010 Lisa Hoffmaister (Math Teacher)
2010 Ammar Husain* (Physics, Berkeley)
2010 Alan Jackoway (Software Engineering, Private Sector)
2010 Jennifer Kargus (Software Engineer)
2010 Jason Kapsack (Matheamtics, CUNY - City College)
2010 Mitchell Katz *
2010 Rachel Kirsch* (Mathematical Association of America)
2010 Jacob Konikoff* (Biostatistics, UCLA)
2010 Emily LaRocca (Mathematics Education, Maryland)
2010 Greg Laun* (Mathematics, Maryland)
2010 Chenwen Li (Computer Science, Maryland)
2010 Mike Mazzarella (Mathematics Education, Maryland)
2010 Rachel Morris (Cost Analyst, Navy)
2010 Haylay North (Poe School Administration)
2010 Joseph Paulson (NSF award, Applied Math, Maryland)
2010 Mickey Salins (Mathematics, Maryland)
2010 Bradford Sanders (Math for America)
2010 Boyen Shen (Civil Engineering, Maryland)
2010 John Silberholz* (Goldwater Scholar, NSF Fellow, Operations Research, MIT)
2010 Hannah Sohn (Mathematics Education, Maryland)
2010 Cynthia Tran (Mathematics Education, Maryland)
2010 Kaitlyn Tuley* (NSF Fellow, Mathematics, UCLA)
2010 Mary Wilson (Statistics, FDA)
2010 Emily Sze (School of Medicine, Maryland)


2011 Michael Bartock (IT specialist, NIST)
2011 Ran Bi (Management of Science in Engineering, Stanford)
2011 Harveen Bindra (Math Education, Maryland)
2011 Nick Bonomo (Actuary, Private Sector)
2011 Kristen Campilonga (Budget Analyst, Maryland Department of Budget and Management)
2011 Jonathan Cottrell (Statistics, concurrently with Industrial Organization Psychology, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign)
2011 Andrew Ferguson (Software Development, Epic Systems Corporation)
2011 Antonio Fominaya (Mathematics Education, Maryland)
2011 Austin Gardner (Project Management, Maryland)
2011 Allen Gehret* (Mathematics, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign)
2011 Katharine Hamilton (Economics, Maryland)
2011 Junjie Hao (Chemistry, Harvard)
2011 Daniel Jaskot (EM Analyst and Threat Systems Engineer, Systems Engineering Group, Inc.)
2011 Samuel Lang (Programmer, Five Rings Capital)
2011 Robert Maschal (Mathematics, Maryland)
2011 Richard Matthew McCutchen* (Google)
2011 Kevin McGehee (Software Engineer, Amazon)
2011 Aaron Merchak (Analyst, Cornerstone Research)
2011 Mireille Ngo Bakal (Applied Statistics, Cornell)
2011 Shawn Ratwani (Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs)
2011 Scott Rome (Mathematics, Drexel)
2011 Lea Savard-McNicoll (Analyst, Glevum Associates, Afghanistan)
2011 Matt Shriver (Mathematics Education, Maryland - Hagerstown)
2011 Scott Smith* (Applied Mathematics & Scientific Computing, Maryland)
2011 Stanislav Speransky (Meteorology, Florida State)
2011 Yi An Sun (MIT, NSF Fellow)
2011 Tim Van Blarcom (Statistician, D3 Systems)
2011 Joseph Woodworth (Mathematics, UCLA, NSF Fellow)
2011 Louis Wu (Officer Candidates School)
2011 Kelsey Young (Business Analytics and Optimization, IBM)
2011 Ruiqian Zhang (Actuarial Science, Columbia University)


2012 Andrew Bernstein* (Applied Math, NC State)
2012 Jonathan Booz (Software Development Engineer,
2012 Edward Carney (Systems Engineer, The SI Organization)
2012 Jacob Criner (Software Development Engineer, Google)
2012 Christina Czabaranek (Decision Support Analyst, Mercy Medical Center)
2012 Chase Dowling (Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Labs)
2012 Holman Gao* (Software Engineer, Room 77)
2012 Priyanka Gokhale (School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University)
2012 Alexander Golden (Applied Physics, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
2012 Yu Gu (Applied and Interdisciplinary Math, Ann Arbor, Michigan)
2012 Trevor Hill (Software Engineer, Google)
2012 Jeff Jacobs (Computer Science, with a dual concentration in Mathematics, Stanford)
2012 Oliver Lum (Applied Matheamtics, Maryland)
2012 Alyssa Maccarone (Statistical Analyst, Mathematica Policy Research)
2012 Ana Matos (Actuarial Assistant, Metlife)
2012 Mark Mester (Systems Engineer, Metron Aviation)
2012 Joseph Mickel (Interdisciplinary Statistics & Operations Research, UNC Chapel Hill)
2012 Greg Mitchell (Systems Developer, Booz Allen Hamilton)
2012 Jocob Moschler (Lab Manager, Institute for Systems Research, Univeristy of Maryland)
2012 Tshikuna Muanankese (Control Systems Engineer, ExxonMobile)
2012 James Park (Operations Research Analyst, US Air Force)
2012 Sol Park (Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau)
2012 Darwin Romero (Parent Community Coordinator, Montgomery County Public Schools)
2012 Arielle Snyder (Education, Maryland)
2012 Andrew Szymczak (Computer Science, NYU)
2012 Thomas Vandal (Market Risk Analyst, Boston Technologies)
2012 Jacob Warren (Economics, University of Pennsylvania)


2013 Kelly Brown (Engineer, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab)
2013 Michael Dewitt (Software Engineer, Google)
2013 John Duarte (Software Engineer, Raytheon)
2013 Tyler Dunn (Software Engineer, Google)
2013 Bryan Fuss (Teacher, Thailand)
2013 Kaitlyn Gray (Wilson Commencement High School, NY)
2013 Sean Gruber (Education, Maryland)
2013 Jada Johnson (Biostatistics, University of Texas)
2013 Kelin Li (Financial Engineering, Cornell)
2013 Stefanie Montgomery (Consultant, CGI Federal)
2013 David Morris (Entrepreneur)
2013 Scott Poese (Math, George Mason)
2013 Katherine Rennenkampf (Fulbright Teaching Assistantship to Indonesia)
2013 Ruben Schwartz (Medicine, Nova Southeastern University)
2013 Nathan Suberi (Smart Cities and Urban Analytics, University College London)
2013 Ben Walsh (Electrical Engineering, Maryland)
2013 Alex Youcis (Math, UC Berkeley)
2013 Fanfan Zheng (Law, Michigan State University School of Law)


2014 Katherine Arsenault (Education, Technology & Leadership, George Washington)
2014 Alexander Baden (Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University)
2014 Martin Buck (Modeling and Simulation Engineer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
2014 Katherine Davis (Senior Analyst, Willis Tower Watson)
2014 Max Gross (Economics, University of Michigan)
2014 Pat Hunley (Statistics, Harvard University)
2014 Yingquan Li (Consultant/Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard)
2014 Jiankun Liu (Statistics, U of Virginia)
2014 Ian Magee (Fellow, Math for America)
2014 Philip Marx (MBA/MSA, Northeastern University)
2014 Austin Roche (School of Law, U Maryland)
2014 Alexander Sherman* (Mathematics, UC Berkeley)
2014 Albert Shih (US Navy)
2014 Alissa Stafford (Research Assistant, ICF International)
2014 Max Wallace (Software Developer, Athenahealth)
2014 Graham Welch (Software Engineer, Google)


2015 Alyster Alcudia (Nuclear Officer, US Navy)
2015 Theresa Alexander (Biostatistics, Case Western)
2015 Roba Adnew (Programmatic Optimization & Strategy Specialist, MediaMath)
2015 David Bekkerman* (Applied Math, UMD)
2015 Logan Crew* (Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania)
2015 Daniel Farias* (Electrical Engineering, Berkeley)
2015 Stephenn Gilles* (Applied Math, UMD)
2015 Margaret Gratian (Dept of Defense, Reliability Engineering, UMD)
2015 Ilse Haim (Software Engineer, Google)
2015 Kara Higgins (Educational Leadership Consultant, Kappa Alpha Theta, then Biostatistics, Harvard University)
2015 Akira Horiguchi* (Statistics, Ohio State University)
2015 Calvin Kuo (Economics, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
2015 Fu Liu (Mathematical Finance, Rutgers)
2015 Mary Nguyen (License Analyst, Oracle)
2015 Takako Nishimura (Software Engineer, Bloomberg)
2015 Ian Nisson (Software Engineer, Capital One)
2015 Nicholas Paskal* (Applied Math, UMD)
2015 Meghana Raja (Assistant Statistician, Ipsos Public Affairs)
2015 Kevin Stubbs* (Math, Duke)
2015 Rafael Setra* (Engineering, Stanford)
2015 Daniel da Silva (Engineer, NASA Goddard)
2015 Rosemary Smith (Clinical Systems Analyst, EMMES)
2015 Guoqing Wang* (Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins)
2015 Shu Zhu* (Finance, Johns Hopkins)
2016 Cecilia Bisogno (Data Analyst, Summit Consulting)
2016 Naveed Chowdhury (Analytics, Georgia Tech)
2016 Luke Corcos (Applied Math, UC Berkeley)
2016 Jordan Dutterer (Research Analyst, Association of American Medical Colleges)
2016 Henry Addison Euhus (Hedge Fund Analyst, Bain Capital)
2016 Ryan Forsyth (Software Engineer, Appian)
2016 Liam Fowl* (Mathematics, UMD)
2016 Christina Hendryx (Sudan Volunteer Program, Univ of Khartoum)
2016 Tim Hensel (Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech)
2016 Andrew Lauziere (Statistics, UMD)
2016 Ricardo Lopez (Software Engineer Analyst, Accenture)
2016 Tim McLaughlin (Investment Fellow, T. Rowe Price)
2016 Ankur Patel (Statistics and Operations Research, UNC Chapel Hill)
2016 David Post (IT Consultant, Revenue Solutions, Inc.)
2016 Michael Roberts (Computer Science, Cornell)
2016 Raymond Schram* (Mathematics, UMD)
2016 Yuewen Tan (Physics, Washington U at St. Louis)
2016 Kyle Vance (Catholic priesthood, Archdiocese of Washington)
2016 Danielle Vanhorn (High School Math Teacher, Silver Spring, Maryland)
2016 Jin Wu* (Construction Management Technology, Purdue; currently at Google)
2016 Zhao, Isaac (Analyst, Morgan Stanley)
2016 Sili Zhuang (Financial Mathematics, London School of Economics and Political Science)
2017 Jana Austin (Actuarial Analyst, Cheiron)
2017 Emily Camardo (Consultant, srcLogic)
2017 Mikey Chapman (Software Engineer, Microsoft)
2017 Katherine Cordwell* (Theoretical Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon)
2017 Phong Dinh (Software Engineer, Facebook)
2017 Michael Dworken* (Consultant, Power Auctions LLC)
2017 Kaede Johnson (Research Assistant, Federal Research Board DC)
2017 Angela Kuriacose (Software Engineer, Boeing)
2017 Mohao Li (IT Assurance and Risk Advisory, Deloitte China)
2017 Madeline Masucci (Product Specialist, Qualtrics)
2017 Jacob Renn (Business Analytics, UMD)
2017 Anthony Richardson (Associate Programmer/Analyst, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies)
2017 Niko Schultz (English Teacher, Japan Exchange and Teaching)
2017 John Shi (Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon)
2017 Andrew Simon (Mechanical Engineer, Dominion Engineering)
2017 Kevin Smith* (Mathematics, Columbia University)
2017 Brian Stomel (Data Analytics Associate, Customer Value Partners)
2017 Neha Soni (Education, UMD)
2017 Prayaag Venkat (Computer Science, Harvard)
2017 Robert Wenzlick (Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman)
2017 Noah Wichrowski (Applied Math and Statistics, Johns Hopkins)
2017 Gabriella Zakrocki (Data Analyst, DigitalSpec)
2017 Ran Zhang* (Mathematics, Texas A & M)
2017 Cheng Zhong (Analytics-Data Science, Georgetown)
2018 Willbert Arevalo (Data Scientist, USPS Office of Inspector General)
2018 Madeline Alizadeh (MD/PhD, Bioinformatics/Computational Biology, Univeristy of Maryland School of Medicine)
2018 Alexander Brassel (CS, UMD)
2018 Brian Baldwin (Data Analyst, Alliantgroup)
2018 Timothy Barry (Statistics and Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon)
2018 Keaton Ellis (Economics, UMD)
2018 Alyssa Hu (Statistics, Penn State)
2018 Siliang Huang (Software Developer, Bank of America)
2018 William Kunkel (Computer Science, UC San Diego)
2018 Danno Lemu (Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of NY)
2018 Edward Nusinovich* (Quantitative Analyst, Intech Investment)
2018 Nicholas Pesce (Software Engineer, Bloomberg)
2018 Kaman Phamdo (Software Engineer, Google)
2018 Jared Ronning (Software Developer, Technical Data Analysis, Inc.; CS, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals)
2018 Margaret Sauber (Consultant, srcLogic)
2018 Garrett Sadtler (Actuarial Analyst, Willis Towers Watson)
2018 Ashley Schwanebeck (Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Board)
2018 Brandon Sloane (Cybersecurity Software Developer, Tresys Technology)
2018 Dean Sproul (Data Analyst, Key Acquisition Partners)
2018 Aaron Stanley (Secondary and Special Education, Johns Hopkins)
2018 Madelyne Ventura (Federal Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte)
2018 Danielle Wilson (Economics, American University)
2018 Yang Xu (Economics, U of Chicago)
2019 Al-Fahad Muhammed Al-Qadhi* (Applied Math & Scientic Computation, UMD)
2019 Marieh Arnett (Clinical Psychological Science, UMD)
2019 Joseph Breeden (Aerospace Controls Engineering, Michigan)
2019 Troy Cary (Analytics Associate, Merkel)
2019 Junchi Chu (CS, Brown University)
2019 Vlada Dementyeva (Associate Professional Staff, Johns Hopkins U Applied Physics Lab)
2019 Meghana Doddapaneni (Electrical Engineer, Research Support Instruments)
2019 Eliza Elliott (Technical Consultant, srcLogic)
2019 John Evans (Physics, UMD)
2019 Alan Flint (Data Science, U of San Francisco)
2019 Ajeet Gary (Math, NYU - Courant)
2019 Amit Gattadahalli (Data Scientist Consultant, Boulevard Consulting Group)
2019 Aaron George* (Applied Math, UCLA)
2019 William Golding* (Math, UT Austin)
2019 Austin Hom (Business Analytics, UMD; Biometric Data Researcher, NIST)
2019 Hannah Horng (Bioengineering, U Penn)
2019 Margaret Hwang (Accounting and Financial Management, UMGC)
2019 Brian Johns (Chemistry, Utah)
2019 Andrei Jungkman (Software Engineer, Bloomberg)
2019 Brittany Kuznitz (Tax Services Practice, EY)
2019 John Lewis (Software Engineer, Raytheon)
2019 Xinyang Li (Biostatistics, UCLA)
2019 Dhruv Mehta (Computer Science, UMD)
2019 Andrew Natarian (Software Engineer, NASA)
2019 April Nellis* (Interdisciplinary Math, Michigan)
2019 Douglas Post (Analytics, Georgetown)
2019 Mauro Ramirez (Software Engineer Associate, Capital One)
2019 Vikram Rao (Software Development Engineer, Amazon)
2019 Katrina Delos Reyes (Cyber Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman)
2019 Prateeti Sarker (Business Technology Analyst, Deloitte Consulting)
2019 Jordan Schneider (CS, UT Austin)
2019 Adam Sehne (Actuarial Analyst, Johns Hopkins HeathCare)
2019 Patrick Shan (Software Development Engineer, Amazon)
2019 Zuping Wang (Applied Math, UMD)
2019 Yotam Yaniv* (Applied Math, UCLA)
2020 Joseph Bensen (2nd Lieutenant, US Marine Corps)
2020 Samuel Silver (Education, UMD)
2020 Jake Taub (Fixed Income Sales and Trading Analyst, Morgan Stanley)
2020 Uday Warier (Software Development Engineer, Amazon)
2021 Aaron Benda (Math, UT Austin)
2021 Julia Clark (Teach for America; Math Education, University of Washington)
2021 Paras Devkota (Data Engineer, BlueVoyant)
2021 Dawson Do (Transportation Engineer, UC Berkeley)
2021 Noah Flater (Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
2021 Tianpei Gu (Artificial Intelligence, UCLA)
2021 Tyler Hoffman (Geography, Arizona State University)  
2021 Jacob Hulit (Investment Fellowship, T. Rowe Price)
2021 Jessica Kerry (Software Engineer, Microsoft)
2021 Kyle Lao (Education, UMD)
2021 Jesse Matthews (Chemical Engineering, Stanford)
2021 Ryan Pindale (Data Science, UVA)
2021 Temur Saidkhodjaev (Software Engineer, Goldman Sachs) 
2021 Abby White (Education, UMD)
2021 Alexis Williams (Education, UMD)
2021 Mary Yilma (Research Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
2021 Anqi Zheng (Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell)



*graduated with honors or high honors in Mathematics 

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