This program is funded by the generous gift of Professor Michael Brin in 2005. Professor Brin is an emeritus professor of mathematics at the University of Maryland. The Brin Postdoctoral program supports mathematicians who have recently completed or will soon complete a doctorate in mathematics or a closely related field, and whose work shows remarkable promise in mathematical research. The appointments are for one to three years, with a minimal teaching requirement of up to one course per semester.

Current Brin Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Fei Wang (PhD 2017, University of Southern California).  Works in PDEs.  His mentor is Professor Jacob Bedrossian (2017-).
  • Heyrim Cho (PhD 2015, Brown University). Studies numerical and theoretical methods for stochastic simulations. Her mentor is Professor Doron Levy (2015-).
  • Huanchen Bao (PhD 2015, University of Viginia). Studies representation theory of Lie algebras, superalgebras, and quantum groups. His mentor is Professor Xuhua He (2015-). 
  • Changguang Dong (PhD 2018, Penn State).  Studies dynamics, including the density of iterates of infinite sets.

Former Brin Postdoctoral Fellows