Beginning in Fall 1991, the dynamics groups of the University of Maryland and Pennsylvania State University have jointly sponsored two annual three to four day meetings in dynamical systems and related topics: a spring meeting here in College Park, and a fall meeting in State College. These meetings, though primarily regional, also attract participants outside the region and the country; the conference archives indicate their scope. 

The Spring 2017 meeting will be held Friday-Sunday, March 31-April 2.  See the Speakers/Schedule tab for the (evolving) list of speakers.  Any PhD advisor ready to recommend a student with good results to give a short talk is encouraged to contact one of the organizers.

In general, we hope to support participants with $75/ night toward reimbursement of travel and local expenses. Please note on your registration form if you request funding. It will be easier for us to make commitments to those who register sooner.

The conference schedule can be found here


Yuri Bakhtin (Courant)

Alex Grigo (Oklahoma)

Tobias Hurth (Toronto)

Dmitry Jakobson (McGill)

Kening Lu (Brigham Young University)

Alexei Novikov (Penn State)

Zsolt Pajor-Guylai (Courant)

Yakov Pesin (Penn State)

Anthony Quas (University of Vicrotia)

Victoria Sadovskaya (Penn State)

Andrew Torok (Houston)

Ke Zhang (Toronto)


Student speakers.

Changguang Dong (Penn State)

Alena Erchenko (Penn State)

Pratima Hebbar (Maryland)

Wenyu Pan (Yale)

Farruh Shahidi (Penn State)

Yuki Takahashi (Irvine)

Agnieszka Zelerowicz (Penn State)

Adam Zydney (Penn State)

  1. Joe Auslander (Maryland)
  2. Matt Bainbridge (Indiana University)
  3. Yuri Bakhtin (Courant)
  4. Snir Ben Ovadia (Weizmann Institute)
  5. Alex Blumnethal (Maryland)
  6. Matthew Chao (Penn State)
  7. Dong Chen (Penn State)
  8. Vaughn Climenhaga (Houston)
  9. Darren Creutz (US Naval Academy)
  10. Dmitry Dolgopyat (Maryland)
  11. Changguang Dong (Penn State)
  12. Sarah Dumnich (Frostburg State University)
  13. Alena Erchenko (Penn State)
  14. Kasun Fernando (Maryland)
  15. Livio Flaminio (Lille)
  16. Giovanni Forni (Maryland)
  17. Mark Freidlin (Maryland)
  18. Bryce Gollobit (Chicago)
  19. Alex Grigo (Oklahoma)
  20. Pratima Hebbar (Maryland)
  21. Tobias Hurth (Toronto)
  22. Dmitry Jakobson (McGill)
  23. Michael Jakobson (Maryland)
  24. Boris Kalinin (Penn State)
  25. Adam Kanigowski (Penn State)
  26. Osama Khalil (Ohio State)
  27. Minsung Kim (Maryland)
  28. Jonathan King (University of Florida)
  29. Leonid Koralov (Maryland)
  30. Jianlong Liu (Maryland)
  31. Kening Lu (Brigham Young University)
  32. Kostya Medynets (US Naval Academy)
  33. Jesse Milzman
  34. Peter Nandori (Maryland)
  35. Alexei Novikov (Penn State)
  36. Sergei Novikov (Maryland)
  37. Oleg Rudenko (Penn State)
  38. Zsolt Pajor-Guylai (Courant)
  39. Wenyu Pan (Yale)
  40. Yakov Pesin (Penn State)
  41. Anthony Quas (University of Vicrotia)
  42. Federico Rodriguez Hertz (Penn State)
  43. Jenny Rustad (Maryland)
  44. Victoria Sadovskaya (Penn State)
  45. Farruh Shahidi (Penn State)
  46. James Tanis (Mitre Corporation)
  47. Andrew Torok (Houston)
  48. Yuki Takahashi (Irvine)
  49. Dominic Veconi (Penn State)
  50. Kurt Vinhage (Chicago)
  51. Zhiren Wang (Penn State)
  52. Daren Wei (Penn State)
  53. Kelly Yancey (IDA)
  54. Agnieszka Zelerowicz (Penn State)
  55. Ke Zhang (Toronto)
  56. Jing Zhou (Maryland)
  57. Adam Zydney (Penn State)

There are several hotels in the area surrounding the University.  For your convienence we have blocked rooms at the following hotels:

Holiday Inn Express (9020 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740) The room cost is $109+tax. Please call Karen Bittings from Globtrotter travel agency at 301-570-0800 before March 10 to reserve a room using this rate (refer to Dynamics 2017 rate).

Other hotels in walking distance from the mathematics department include

  • Best Western Plus 8419 Baltimore Avenue College Park MD 20740
  • Clarion Inn 8601 Baltimore Ave College Park MD 20740
  • College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center 3501 University Blvd E Hyattsville MD 20783

The information about going to and around College Park by ground trasport is available here

Eating in College Park


Annual Cherry Blossom Festival will be held in Washington from March 15 till April 16, 2017.

Please send the forms to .

Reimbursement form should be submitted before May 1

Wire Transfer Form - Those who reside outside the U.S. may want a wire transfer of their reimbursement. When filling out the form, please pay particular attention to how your name appears on the bank account, the complete bank address, the Bank ABA, SWIFT code and account number. The form should be legible so that the Wire Transfer person can easily read it.