The mathematics department mourns the recent passing of two of our Professors Emerti: Jim Owings and Adam Kleppner.

James Claggett Owings, Jr. received his PhD in recursion theory at Cornell in 1966, under the direction of Gerald Sacks.  For many years, Jim was one of the leaders of the Maryland logic group.  He had 6 PhD students and has (as of current count) 67 mathematical descendents.  He passed away on January 12, 2018.  He is survived by his wife Jeanne and several children and grandchildren.



Adam Kleppner received his PhD from Harvard in 1960 under the direction of George Mackey.  He was one of the founders of the group representations working group at Maryland, and is known for his work on multiplier representations of abelian groups and on the Plancherel formula.  A picture of him from the Oberwolfach archives can be found here.  After retiring from Maryland, he and his wife moved to Wardsboro, Vermont, where they had spent summers since 1964. He passed away on January 25, 2018, and is survived by his wife Amy and his sons Bram and Caleb.