Congratulations to the three UMD teams and their mentor, Radu Balan, for the outstanding results at the SCUDEM V 2020 challenge.
Mathematical modeling is such an important component of what science and applied mathematics is all about these days, and it is fantastic to see that Maryland is a major player in the field. 

UMD participated this year with 3 teams. All three were awarded Outstanding Awards

 Team 1132: Gnagna Seck, Marie Brodsky, Adam Levav

Team 1133: Fucheng Li, Lily Larson, James Shen

Team 1134: Naveen Raman, Clarissa Xia, Sally Zhao

 There were 130 teams who submitted videos for all 3 problems. 27 of them received an Outstanding Award, 44 received a Meritorious Award, and 59 received a Successful Award. 

All our 3 teams submitted solutions to Problem C. Out of the 35 teams who considered problem C, 12 received Outstanding Awards (including our 3 teams), 3 Meritorious Awards, and 20 were declared Successful.  

Their videos are here:

 Team 1132:

  Team 1133:

Team 1134:


Congratulations again to all our teams!