A significant milestone for the mathematical community took place on December 21, 2000, when Tasha R. Inniss, Sherry E. Scott, and Kimberly S. Weems received their PhDs from the University of Maryland College Park.Join us twenty years later for a celebratory conversation with Dr. Inniss, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Weems as they discuss their historic graduation with their mentor and former chair of the University of Maryland Mathematics Department, Dr. Raymond Johnson, Inniss, Scott, and Weems were the first cohort of three Black female mathematicians to earn PhDs from the University of Maryland and marked the continuation of a legacy of Black women in the field whose STEM achievements helped move mathematics forward toward equitable graduate studies in mathematics. We look forward to celebrating their accomplishments and talking with them about their perspectives on equity in mathematics and challenges that are still faced by mathematicians of color in higher education.

Follow the link to register for the webinar: https://ter.ps/rx8

Sponsored by the National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) and the American Mathematical Society (AMS).