Congratulations to Radu Balan and to the UMD Math Modeling teams. The teams participated in the 2022 Interdisciplinary Competition in Modeling (ICM). This year 12100 teams participated in the ICM competition. The results of our two teams are:

  1. Team 2228337 (Sally Zhao, Naveen Raman, Clarissa Xia) has been awarded a Honorable Mention for Problem F. 

This result puts the team in the 3%-30% range, out of 2964 teams worldwide who submitted solutions to problem F.

  1. Team 2228338 (Adam Levav, Abdulrahman Alenazi, Joey Kim) has been awarded Successful Participant designation for problem E. 

This result places the team in the 30%-96% range, out of 8181 international teams who submitted solutions to problem E.