A Brin MRC Distinguished Lecture delivered by Ofer Zeitouni will also take place in the fall.

A message from Doron Levy, Brin Mathematics Research Center Director and Department of Mathematics Chair

CSIC Building OutsideThe Brin Mathematics Research Center (Brin MRC) was established in 2022 through a generous gift from Michael and Eugenia Brin and the Sergey Brin Family Foundation. We plan to begin hosting activities in the Brin MRC in Fall 2022. The center is located on the fourth floor of the Computer Science Instructional Center, which is within a short walk from Kirwan Hall, in space that we are in the process of renovating.

Since the Center was announced, we formed an advisory board composed of five professors from the Department of Mathematics: Sandra Cerrai, Dima Dologpyat, Dio Margetis, Bill Goldman and Richard Wentworth. We also identified an exciting lineup of activities for the center’s first year, including 9 workshops and conferences and 2 summer schools:


  • Workshop on low-dimensional topology and homeomorphism (organized by three of our new faculty members: Lei Chen, Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner and Boyu Zhang)
  • Two workshops organized together with UMD’s Brain and Behavior Institute
  • Workshop on rare events (organized by Maria Cameron and Pratyush Tiwary)
  • Two workshops on probability and stochastic partial differential equations (organized by Lenya Ryzhik from Stanford, Sandra Cerrai, Dima Dolgopyan, Yu Go and Leonid Koralov)
  • Two workshops on partial hyperbolicity (organized by Amie Wilkinson from the University of Chicago, Frederico Rodriguez Hertz from Penn State and Dima Dolgopyat)
  • Two summer schools are planned for summer 2023: one on partial hyperbolicity and a second school on fluid dynamics (organized by Huy Nguyen and Hussain Ibdah) 

The Brin MRC will provide many opportunities for short-term and long-term visitors who are interested in interacting with faculty members at the University of Maryland and in experiencing the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. A Brin MRC Distinguished Lecture will be delivered in Fall 2022 by Ofer Zeitouni.

This is only the beginning and it is all very exciting. We will share updates on the Brin MRC in the math department’s biannual newsletters. However, we invite you to visit the Brin MRC website and follow us on Twitter to get more up-to-date information. If you have questions about Brin MRC activities, please email .

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