New center hosted three workshops in the fall that brought mathematicians from all over the world to campus and has five more workshops planned for the spring.


The Brin Mathematics Research Center–launched just one year ago–has already hosted three successful workshops that brought mathematicians from all over the world to the University of Maryland’s College Park campus.

Topology Group PhotoThe first Brin MRC workshop, held in September, on “Low-Dimensional Topology and Homeomorphism Groups” was organized by Lei Chen, Dan Cristofaro-Gardiner and Boyu Zhang. Our probabilists, Sandra Cerria, Dima Dolgopyat, Yu Gu, and Leonid Koralov, organized a workshop on “Modern Topics in Probability.” This was an opportunity to celebrate Mark Freidlin and his many fundamental contributions to the study of various aspects of the theory of random perturbations of dynamical systems. A follow-up meeting on “Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Related Topics” was organized by Sandra Cerrai, Yu Gu and Shalin Parekh. This conference brought to Maryland many junior investigators in stochastic PDEs.

We also held our first Brin MRC Distinguished Lecture with Ofer Zeitouni (Weizmann Institute & New York University). In addition, the center hosted several visitors, including Anima Nagar (India), Yuichi Goto (Japan), Stefano Luzzatto (Italy), Francoise Pene (France) and Nordine Mir (Qatar). The Brin MRC visitors program is expected to expand over the next several years to showcase the mathematics done at UMD and to increase the collaborative opportunities between UMD faculty and students and the international mathematical community.

In spring 2023, the Brin MRC will host five workshops on rare events, branching processes, disease dynamics, partial hyperbolicy and numerical PDEs. These workshops will be followed by two summer schools for graduate students and junior mathematicians: one on partial hyperbolicity and one on fluid dynamics. 

The Brin MRC advisory board is currently screening the applications for activities in the Academic Year 2023-24. Those workshops, special lectures and summer schools will be announced soon.

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