Maryland Mathematics Institute
Class of 2009

(The placement in the photo by number is indicated below the following list of names.)

1. Saira White (Northwestern HS, PGCPS)
2. Charisma Ty (Oxon Hill MS, PGCPS)
3. Aimee Cristina M. Bernardo (Duval HS, PGCPS)
4. Jesusan Sixson (Duval HS, PGCPS)
5. Eugenia Chiu (Wooton HS, MCPS)

6. Loida Vallar (Forestville Military Academy, PGCPS)
7. Margaret Mary Warque (Greenbelt MS, PGCPS)
8. Kera Johnson (Springbrook HS, MCPS)
9. Jeanni Kim (Springbrook HS, MCPS)
10. Analiza Floresca (Friendly HS, PGCPS)

11. Misael Laurden (Duval HS, PGCPS)
12. Lorraine Freeman (Forest Oak MS, MCPS)
13. Linda Loomis (Poolesville HS, MCPS)
14. Evi Gellerson (Wheaton HS, MCPS)
15. Cynthia Harris (Springbrook HS, MCPS)

16. Kristin Parsons-Brown (Broadneck HS, AACS)
17. Jessica Arguelles (Friendly HS, PGCPS)
18. Elenita White (Friendly HS, PGCPS)
19. Angelisa Francisco (Friendly HS, PGCPS)
20. MaLuisa Mariano (Friendly HS, PGCPS)

21. Mike Boyle (University of Maryland, College Park)
22. Bharti Bhasin (Martin Luther King Jr. MS, PGCPS)
23. Padma Shankar (American International School, Chennai, India)
24. Holly Eckard (Glenelg HS, HCPS)
25. Catherin Ruback (Wooton HS, MCPS)

26. J.D. Marchand (Wooton HS, MCPS)
27. Denny Gulick (University of Maryland, College Park)
28. Tracey Little (Wooton HS, MCPS)
29. Frances Gulick (University of Maryland, College Park)
30. Eric Slud (University of Maryland, College Park)

31. Larry Washington (University of Maryland, College Park)
32. Ronaldo Z. Relador (Bowie HS, PGCPS)
33. Michael Brin (University of Maryland, College Park)
34. Evans Meh (Duval HS, PGCPS)
35. Allyn Crews (Northwood HS, MCPS)

36. Rene Pulupa (Poolesville HS, MCPS)
37. Michele Silva-Dockery (Howard HS, HCPS)
38. Rolf Arnesen (Huntington HS, CCPS)

AACPS= Anne Arundel County Public Schools
CCPS = Calvert County Public Schools
HCPS = Howard County Public Schools
PGCPS= Prince George's County Public Schools
MCPS = Montgomery County Public Schools