If for example you intend to study engineering, chemistry, computer science or physics, then you will need first year calculus and more. The required first year calculus sequence at College Park would be MATH 140 -- MATH 141. (You can get credit for MATH 140-141 by scoring 4 or 5 on the Calculus BC Advanced Placement Exam.) To enter MATH 140, you must have a suitable score on our Math Placement Exam or you must take our precalculus course MATH 115.

The material of MATH 115 can be covered in high school, but MATH 115 does carry University credit; you can see how you fare on this material by looking at the course syllabus for MATH 115, and perhaps checking out some past MATH 115 exams on TESTBANK, our online archive of past exams.

It is an excellent achievement to learn calculus in high school. BUT!!! First be sure you are solid with your algebra and precalculus. You would be much better off taking calculus in college with a good command of algebra and precalculus, than you would be taking calculus in college with a somewhat hazy background in algebra, precalculus and calculus.