The advice for "I need calculus and more" applies to you, with some additional comment.

First, there are honors versions (MATH 140H and MATH 141H) of MATH 140 and 141. These courses are very similar in content to MATH 140 and 141, but the format is small-section rather than large-lecture, and the students are honors students. You may want to investigate these as an alternative to MATH 140 and 141.

If you will already have credit for MATH 140-141 when you arrive at UMD, then you will probably be taking sophomore-level math courses when you arrive, and you should consider the special honors sequence MATH 340-341 (Fall-Spring) which covers the material of the core sophomore (post-calculus) math courses (multivariable caclulus, linear algebra and differential equations) in an honors setting, with enrichment.

This sequence is only available to students who have passed out of Calculus I and II (e.g., with a 4 or 5 on the Calculus BC Advanced Placement Test). The sequence is available by invitation only from the math department and it is open only to very strong freshman (MATH SAT at least 750) and special high school students.

If you are a very special student who will already have finished some of the sophomore level courses on entering UMD, then you should contact the Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising in Mathematics () who can advise you on your opportunities depending on your background and interests.