The mathematics department offers a special honors sequence MATH 340-341 (Fall-Spring) which covers the material of the core sophomore (post-calculus) math courses (multivariable caclulus, linear algebra and differential equations) in an honors setting, with enrichment. This sequence is only available to students who have passed out of Calculus I and II (e.g., with a 4 or 5 on the Calculus BC Advanced Placement Test). The sequence is available by invitation only from the math department and it is open only to very strong freshman (MATH SAT at least 750) and special high school students.

The math department schedules one of the sections of this course to meet late Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, for the specific reason that it wants the course available to the small number of exceptional high school students who might want to take this course here while still in high school. If you might be in this category, by all means discuss the possibility with your high school advisor, and with the Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising in Mathematics ().

The MATH 340-341 sequence is not the right sequence for most students, but for those able to take advantage, it is a great head start. NOTE: this course is a lot of work. Do not sign up as a high school student unless you are both capable and motivated.

Exceptional math/science/computer science high school students should also consult the Information for prospective math/science/computer science students provided by CMPS (the College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences), particularly the section on "Accelerating at Maryland".