It is an official department policy that MATLAB is to be used in our sophomore courses MATH 240,241,246 (linear algebra, multivariable calculus, differential equations). It is in MATH 246 that this computer component is most closely integrated with the mathematical material of the course.

Transfer Policy.

A course cannot transfer into UMD as MATH 246 without a significant component of computer use. Courses can transfer into UMD as MATH 240 or 241 without a component of computer use.

Credit by Exam Policy.

A student who is otherwise well qualified to take the MATH 246 CBE, but has not had significant computer experience as acquired in MATH 246, will be allowed to take a MATH 246 CBE.

There will be a questions on the MATH 246 CBE testing the MATLAB work covered in MATH 246. A student who does not prepare by doing the MATLAB work can expect to lose a letter grade on the score.

A credit by exam for MATH 240 or MATH 241 may or may not include questions involving MATLAB.




  •  The MATLAB component of MATH 246 is important in the course, from the viewpoint of Math, and even more strongly from the viewpoint of Engineering.

  • Correspondingly, MATLAB assignments comprise a significant part of the grade in MATH 246 (for example, 20% of the grade in Fall 2007).

  • A student can realistically prepare for the MATLAB questions by doing the MATLAB work from a current MATH 246 course. This is a nontrivial amount of work, but the book used for MATLAB in MATH 246 is well suited to self study.

  • The MATLAB components of MATH 240 and 241 are less important in these courses, although significant for our overall goal of developing student facility with the MATLAB package.