This is a list of all courses offered by the Math Department.  Not all courses are offered each year.  What is provided is a general description of the courses and the prerequisites.  The actual content may vary.

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In MATH 110 our goal is to convey the power of mathematics as shown by the variety of problems which can be modeled and solved by quantitative means. Topics include data analysis, systems of equations and inequalities, elementary linear programming, the mathematics of finance and probability. The course includes applications of these topics to problem solving and decision making in economics, management, and social sciences.


Satisfactory score on Math Department placement exam or completion of the appropriate modules of MATH 003. The course is not open to students majoring in mathematics, engineering, business, life sciences, and the physical sicences, or to students who have completed MATH 140 of MATH 220, or any course for which MATH 140 or MATH 220 is a prerequisite. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: MATH 110, MATH 112, or MATH 113.


Linear equations:

Coordinates and Graphs
Linear Functions
Linear Models

Data Analysis in one and two variables:

Mean and Median
Stem and Leaf Plots
Scatter Plots
Median-Median Method of Linear Regression
Ordinary Least Squares Linear Regression

System and linear equations, linear inequalities and linear programming:

Systems of two linear equations in two unknowns
Graphing linear inequalities
Solving linear programming problems graphically

Sets and counting:

The number of elements in a set


Sample spaces and events
Principles of probability
Conditional probability and independence
Expected value


Simple interest
Compound interest
Annuities and loans