This is a list of all courses offered by the Math Department.  Not all courses are offered each year.  What is provided is a general description of the courses and the prerequisites.  The actual content may vary.

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This course is a review of algebra needed for MATH 115.


Qualifying score on the Mathematics Placement Exam.


This course is an intensive five-day-a-week review of the algebra needed to qualify for MATH 115. (This algebra is covered in MATH 003 at a much slower pace.) MATH 015 is a developmental mathematics course for which a student cannot receive University academic credit and for which there is a special fee. However, it does provide the opportunity to earn academic credit in the same semester. After five weeks, students in MATH 015 take the Math Placement Exam. Those who qualify go on to take MATH 115 (which carries academic credit) five days a week over the remainder of the semester. Those who do not qualify move into the self-paced computer program course, Math 003, in which students work on different modules depending on their preparation and later course requirements. For more details see the description of the Developmental Math Program.