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Algebraic and transcendental elements, Galois theory, constructions with straight-edge and compass, solutions of equations of low degrees, insolubility of the Quintic, Sylow theorems, fundamental theorem of finite Abelian groups.


Minimum grade of C- in MATH403. (Math402 does not meet the prerequisite)

Level of Rigor


Sample Textbooks

Fields & Galois Theory by Howie

Galois Theory, by I. Stewart


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Additional Notes

Students interested in grad school in MATH should strongly consider this course 


Elementary facts about fields


Integral domains

Maximal ideals

Field extensions

Transcendental and algebraic extensions

Liouville numbers

Minimal polynomials

Review of vector spaces

Linear independence



Degree of a field extensions

Straight-Edge and compass constructions

Impossibility constructions

Cyclotomic polynomials

Constructibility of regular n-gons

Splitting fields

Normal extensions

Separable extensions

Simple extensions

Normal closures

Galois extensions


Fixed fields

Fundamental theorem

Cyclic extensions

Solvable groups

Normal series

Extensions and subgroups

Insolvability of symmetric groups

Solution by radicals