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The theory, application, and implementation of mathematical techniques used to secure modern communications. Topics include symmetric and public-key encryption, message integrity, hash functions, block-cipher design and analysis, number theory, and digital signatures.


(CMSC106, CMSC131, or ENEE150; or equivalent programming experience); and (2 courses from (CMSC330, CMSC351, ENEE324, or ENEE380); or any one of these courses and a 400-level MATH course, or two 400-level MATH courses).


Level of Rigor



Sample Textbooks

Introduction to Modern Cryptography, by J. Katz and Y. Lindell

Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory, by W. Trappe & L. Washington



Computer Science


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CMSC414, MATH406


Additional Notes 

Duplicate credit with CMSC456 and ENEE456


Basic Cryptosystems

Classical cryptosystems

Perfect secrecy

Stream ciphers

Block ciphers

Public key cryptography, RSA

Symmetric encryption

Hash functions

Digital signatures

Message authentication

Other topics: Zero-knowledge, Elliptic curves, Quantum cryptography