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Simple random sampling. Sampling for proportions. Estimation of sample size. Sampling with varying probabilities. Sampling: stratified, systematic, cluster, double, sequential, incomplete. Also listed as SURV 440.


1 course with a minimum grade of C- from (STAT401, STAT420)

Level of Rigor


Sample Textbooks

Sampling, by Thompson

Sampling: Design and Analysis, by S. L. Lohr


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Additional Notes

Duplicate credit with Surv440

Students interested in grad school in STAT should consider this course


Basic concepts

Populations, samples, sampling frames.

Sampling design, statistics, bias.

Sampling and nonsampling errors.

(0.5 week)

Simple Random Sampling

Estimates of population mean, total, proportion and variance and their sampling properties.

Confidence limits, use of normal approximation.

Auxiliary information, ratio and regression estimators.

(4.5 weeks)

Stratified Samples

Definitions, weighting and estimators.

Optimal allocation, poststratification.

(2 weeks)

Unbiased Estimation for Cluster and Two-Stage Sampling

Single-stage, two-stage, and multi-stage cluster sampling.

Fixed and random clusters.

With-replacement and without-replacement sampling of PSU's.

Approximate variance estimators.

(4 weeks)

Advanced Topics

Variance estimation, categorical data analysis, regression in complex surveys.