AOSC447   Yes
AOSC630   Yes
AREC422   Yes
BIOE372   No
BIOE464   Yes
BIOM601   Yes
BMGT430   Yes
BMGT444   Yes
BMGT452   No
CHBE410 for STAT400   Yes
CMSC320   No
CMSC421   Yes
CMSC422   Yes
ECON424   Yes
ENCH476 for STAT400   Yes
ENME392   No
EPIB 650   No
EPIB 651   Yes
EPIB300   No
EPIB301   Yes
EPIB463   No
GEOG432   Yes
GEOG472   Yes
GEOG473   Yes
HACS408V   Yes
INST314   No (too similar to STAT401 and STAT430)
INST414   No
INST447   No
MATH424   Yes
STAT426   Yes