Analysis and Geometry - March 8, 2021

A Symposium to Honor the 70th Birthday of Scott Wolpert


10:00 AM - Opening Remarks - Doron Levy (UMD)
10:05 AM - Recent advances on the problem: "Can one hear the shape of a drum" - Steven Zelditch (Northwestern University)
11:00 AM - Mirzakhani's counting theorem - Viveka Erlandsson (University of Bristol)
1:00 PM - Singular Analytic Vector Fields: Analysis, Geometry & Dynamics (Alvaro Alvarez-Parrilla - Grupo Alxima SA de CV)
2:00 PM - Hot Spots on a Triangle Will Migrate Towards the Boundary - Chris Judge (Indiana University)
3:00 PM - The Spectral Theory of Random Surfaces - Alex Wright (University of Michigan)
4:00 PM - Reception - MC Joel Cohen (UMD)


  • Alvaro Alvarez-Parrilla
    (Grupo Alixmia SA de CV)
  • Viveka Erlandsson
    (University of Bristol)
  • Chris Judge
    (Indiana University)
  • Alex Wright
    (University of Michigan)
  • Steven Zelditch
    (Northwestern University)