• Archana Receives the Donna B. Hamilton Award

    Archana Khurana has been selected to receive the Donna B. Hamilton Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in a General Education Course.  Awards are based solely on student nominations and are solicited from across campus.  From the many nominations received, the selection committee was very impressed by the student experience Read More
  • Yanir Receives a Do Good Campus Fund Grant

    Yanir’s proposal on “Incorporating outreach into the curriculum via experiential learning” is one of the only 27 projects out of 140 submissions that were funded by the UMD Do Good Campus Fund. Read More
  • Congrats to 3 CMNS Students Named Goldwater Scholars

    Congratulations to UMD’s 3 Goldwater Scholars this year, all from CMNS: Junior physics and mathematics double-degree student Yash Anand Sophomore atmospheric and oceanic science and physics double-degree student Malcolm Maas Junior biological sciences and mathematics double-degree student Jerry Shen Over the last 15 years, UMD’s nominations yielded 49 scholarships—No. 2 Read More
  • Maria Cameron Receives the 2024 MURI Award

    Congratulations to Maria Cameron for her MURI award. MURI are multidisciplinary university research initiative grants that are awarded by the department of defense. Cameron’s grant is sponsored by the office of naval research. Her team includes Balakumar Balachandran (ME) and Miao Yu (ME). This is a project on “disorder-influenced collective Read More
  • A $27.2M Gift to the Math Department by the Brin Family

    The university announced today a big gift to the Math Department. The very generous gift of $27.2M was made by Michael & Eugenia Brin. The gift will endow the Brin Mathematics Research Center, establish an endowed chair, and launch a summer camp for high school students. The official university’s press Read More
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Integers, divisibility, prime numbers, unique factorization, congruences, quadratic reciprocity, Diophantine equations and arithmetic functions.


1 course with a minimum grade of C- from (MATH240, MATH241, MATH246, MATH340, MATH341, MATH461)

Level of Rigor


Sample Textbooks

Intro to Number Theory w/Cryptography, by Kraft and Washington

Elementary Number Theory and its Applications, by Rosen


Computer Science (cryptography)

If you like this course, you might also consider the following courses

MATH456, MATH402 or MATH403

Additional Notes

Students interested in grad school in MATH should consider this course. It is a good course to take before Math 403.


The integers


Prime numbers

Greatest common divisor

Euclidean algorithm

Unique factorization


Basic properties

Modular arithmetic

Euler's phi function

Fermat's, Euler's and Wilson's theorems

Chinese remainder theorem

Legendre and Jacobi symbols

Law of quadratic reciprocity (possibility skip proof to allow time for other topics)

Additional Topics, (as time allows)

Diophantine equations: Pythagoras, Fermat, Pell

Primitive roots: Lagrange's Theorem

Primality testing


RSA Algorithm

Arithmetic functions, Moebius inversion formula, Mersenne primes

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