Some day as a math major you will graduate. It is very useful to prepare. If you are not sure yet which way you'll go -- try to be prepared for different paths. At least prepare consistent with some path.

Taking appropriate courses is not something you can do at the last minute. For general advice about career-appropriate math courses, click here. Also take full advantage of the math department advising staff.

Graduate school is one option. It is especially critical to take the courses which will give you the background to succeed, and the credentials to be admitted and to get financial support. Again, for appropriate course advice, click here.

NOTE!!! Many graduate students in mathematics and the sciences are given financial support by their schools, by some combination of teaching assistantship, research assistantship and fellowship.

You might also go directly to productive work in the "real world". This is a more varied, complex and changing set of possibilities. We hope some of our links to career resources may be useful.