J-1 visas require a lead time of 3-4 months. Please complete the DS2019 Data Collection form.  Please provide a current and signed CV, a copy of your passport and, if the visit is self support, financial documentation.

DS2019 Data Collection Form

H-1B visas require 7 - 8 months lead time. Please complete the H-1B data collection form. Please note on the form where it asks for "birth city" to also include province if there is one.  I also need your foreign home address.  Please provide an additional sheet explaining detailed travel plans that may impact how we process your H-1B.

H-1B Data Collection Form

Permanent Residency – the process is done through the Office of International Scholar and Student Services (ISSS).   For more information, please contact Liliana Gonzales at  or call 301-405-5403.