Information about Wellness and Benefits can be found through the links below: 

Maryland Health Benefits Homepage

Wellness Program FAQs

Open Enrollment FAQs

Payroll and Benefits 

Payroll Forms

Please find your appropriate category – US Citizen vs Non US citizen. Then print and fill out all payroll documents necessary for that category. We understand there might be questions regarding them, please take all forms that are as completed as you possibly can and bring all required documentation such as passport or driver’s license and birth certificate (where appropriate) and take them to To Anh Chung, our payroll coordinator, and she will be glad to assist you in completing all documents. To Anh's office is 1304 Kirwan Hall. Phone 301-405-5065.

U.S. Citizens:  

W-4 Instructions: U.S. Citizens

Form W-4: 

 I-9 Forms are completed online through a link provided via e-mail.

Non- U.S. Citizens:

Payroll Forms Instructions: Non-Citizen

Affidavit of Compliance 

To be completed by all employees

Emergency Contact Form

Employee Information Form

 Direct DepositDirect Deposit

Benefits Forms

 All other faculty/staff please click on the link below that will take you to the university UHR website where all plans and forms are available for review and download. Please note you have 60 days from the date of your appointment to pick a health plan– if it is not done within that timeframe, a plan will be picked for you by the state.