All purchases are required to be submitted by the Department of Mathematics Business Office.  Individuals may not make their own purchases.  If such events do arise and something has been ordered by an individual, with approval from the department, you may be reimbursed for purchases.

All requests for materials, supplies and services are processed through Liz Wincek ()  These items range from computers to books. All items will be bought with the UMCP Departmental Purchasing Card. An e-mail should be sent with the proper link and specifications on all orders.  Please list also, which account you want items to be charged.  When ordering computers please keep in mind these items will need to be tagged for UMCP purposes.  Computers will not be distributed until tagged.
Once purchases have been made, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. A notice will be placed in your mailbox once your items have arrived, and can then be picked-up from Room #1300.

If you are given approval from the department to make your own purchase, you must complete the meal reimbursement form for food purchases, or the miscellaneous reimbursement form for all other purchases. Please attach all necessary documentation, such as receipts, and submit to Justin Teng in room 1306 Mathematics Blg.

For any questions, feel free to contact Liz Wincek () x54190 or Justin Teng () x58455.