Congratulations to our colleague Sergei Novikov for receiving the 2020 Russian Academy of Sciences Gold Medal.
Sergei and John Milnor will be sharing the award.

For more details about the award, follow this link:

congratulate our colleague Sergey Novikov for receiving the 2020 Russian Academy of Sciences Gold Medal.
Sergey and John Milnor will be sharing the award.

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Xue Ke and Patrick Daniels won the 2020 James C. Alexander Prize for Graduate Research in Mathematics.
Xue Ke PhD dissertation title is “Affine Pavings of Hessenberg Ideal Fibers”. The dissertation was directed by Patrick Brosnan.
Patrick Daniels PhD dissertation title is “A Tannakian Framework for G-Displays and Rapoport-Zink Spaces”. The dissertation was directed by Tom Haines.
The Alexander Prize is awarded to a graduating student or a student that graduated within the past twelve months. The prize was endowed by a generous gift from Lawrence J. Baker (PhD 1978) a student of our emeritus colleague, Jay Alexander, with matching funds from ExxonMobil Corporation.

Congratulations to our students!

Our Adjunct Professor, Gail Letzter, was named a Fellow of the Association for Women in Mathematics.  
The AWM Fellows Program recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the support and advancement of women in the mathematical sciences, consistent with the AWM mission: “to encourage women and girls to study and to have active careers in the mathematical sciences, and to promote equal opportunity and the equal treatment of women and girls in the mathematical sciences.” Contratulations Gail!

Gail Letzer AWM Fellow


We would like to welcome Cleve Moler to our department.  Cleve is the founder and Chief Mathematician of Mathworks.  He was the driving force in the development of Matlab. He is a highly distinguished scientist, with honors including the National Academy of Engineering, the SIAM Prize for distinguished service to the profession, and the IEEE John Von Neumann Medal.

Cleve Moler

We are pleased to announce that Vadim Kaloshin will receive a gold medal from the International Consortium of Chinese Mathematics (ICCM) for his joint paper with Guam Huang and Alfonso Sorrentino, “Nearly circular domains which are integrable close to the boundary are ellipses”. The award is given to 20 papers that are chosen among papers that were written within the past 5 years.

Congratulations Dmitry Dolgopyat, for being elected as a foreign member of the Academia Europaea,
The Academia Europaea is a continent-wide academy with individual members from Council of Europe states and from other nations across the world.